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Signs of the Times

Poor Spelling and Poor Theology Go Hand in Hand

Theologian’s Valentines…

From our friends at Eerdmans


Calvin and Luther Can PDA to their Hearts’ Content. Zwinglians Are More Respectful and Respectable

Which is why in a discussion of PDA this guy doesn’t drag in blessed Zwingli’s name.  Z was way too classy for such nonsense.

When it came to marriage, Luther and Calvin were as different as fire and ice.
Luther, perhaps with a few beers under his belt, playfully addressed letters to: “my heartily beloved, gracious housewife … Katherine, Lady Luther, Lady Doctor, Lady of the Pigmarket, and whatever else she may be.” Another time he declares: “I would not trade my Katie for [all of] France or Venice.” … because God gave her to me [and] … me to her.”

Calvin on the other hand (perhaps he should have imbibed a bit more often), bloviated: “I am not one of those insane lovers who [is] … smitten with the fine figure of a woman.”

Although governed by different temperaments, both men married and in their own ways loved their wives. Luther was “crazy” about Katie and could not stop talking about her. Reminiscing over dinner (and more good German beer) some fourteen years after his marriage, Luther regaled his wide-eyed students with the story of his initial encounter with Katie. He was not attracted to Katie at first because he thought she was prideful. He was more interested in Ave von Schönfeld, another of the runaway nuns.

Fun stuff for this Val’s Day.  Enjoy.

Karl Barth’s Very Awkward Valentine Card to Charlotte v Kirschbaum


True Valentine’s Greetings From Martin Luther…

Saying the things you really want to say to your beloved (from time to time)

You are the head of all the worst scoundrels on earth, a vicar of the devil, an enemy of God, an adversary of Christ, a destroyer of Christ’s churches; a teacher of lies, blasphemies, and idolatries; an arch-thief and robber; a murderer of kings and inciter to all kinds of bloodshed; a brothel-keeper over all brothel-keepers and all vermin, even that which cannot be named; an Antichrist, a person of sin and child of perdition; a true werewolf.  – Martin Luther

Nadia Bolz-Weber Takes the Ick Factor to 10

This stuff…  it’s both ridiculous and debasing.  It’s just plain ick.  There is nothing remotely theological about the whole sordid affair.  It’s just another attempt to make a name for herself, though in Christian circles her name is already ‘disgusting’.

Like Dorothee Sölle, this woman should keep silent in the Church.  She revels in impurity.

The Bloody Origin of Valentine’s Day

NPR has the history.

About ‘All’ that Assessment 關於課堂評估

Good advice for one and all.

HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College eNews

Don’t let the prospect of writing essays put you off studying theology.

For all the fun and excitement of sharing in seminars, it is true that students have to write essays in order to receive their University credits. But it is not nearly as bad as you might think.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, From James Crossley

James has sent this card to one and all for Valentine’s.  And he says he’s on the way to your house…  (I guess he wanted me to post it because he knows more people will see it here…)


The Theology of Dort (1618–1619), Confessional Consolidation, Conflictual Contexts, and Continuing Consequences

All the program details are here.

What Is Love? Valentine’s Day with Karl Barth


The Zurich Latin Bible of 1543

13582131903In 1543 the Zurich reformers produced Latin translations of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha together with a revised edition of Erasmus’ New Testament. The Biblia sacrosancta was a beautiful volume, Froschauer’s finest work. The work on the Old Testament was primarily done by Leo Jud, though it was completed by Theodor Bibliander and Konrad Pellikan after his death in 1542. The translation, together with the textual apparati, and the extensive prefaces form the most complete expression of the theological and ecclesiastical vision of the Zurich church under Heinrich Bullinger. Printed twelve years after the death of Huldrych Zwingli, the Bible embodied the ideals of a restored church that had to turn its back on its fallen founder. Zwingli was never mentioned and the model for a new, proud, and confident church was St Jerome, represented in the figure of the translator Leo Jud. This essay explores the relationship between biblical interpretation, identity, and church building for the second generation of the Reformation.

The essay, by Bruce Gordon, appeared in Zwingliana a few years back.  Get it.  Read it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

It’s good to remember things for what they are.  In the case of Valentine’s day, maybe Servetus-izing someone is more to the point…


Via Joel ‘The Guy Who Deserves to Be Servetus-ized’ Watts.