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Why The SBC’s Handwringing Over Abuse is a Farce

Here’s what the #SBC, under @jdgreear is going to do about perverted pastors and staff- 🅾️ Oh there will be handwringing and ‘we’re so sorry’ but that’s it. Why? Because there is ZERO mechanism for instituting change without a centralized … Continue reading

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Luther Thinks You’re an Idiot

“It is strange that men are so heedless and arrogant, when there are on every hand such a multitude of reasons for being humble. The hour of death is uncertain, nor is the food we eat within our control, nor … Continue reading

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Emidio Campi on Zwingli


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The Nerdiest Riddle of All Time

GA 372 is a 16th century parchment manuscript in the Vatican, which looks like a printed book. Apparently it is handwritten, but if that is the case, it is hard not to imagine that it must have been copied from a … Continue reading

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Part Two of the Series on Southern Baptists and their Sexual Predators

Doug Myers was suspected of preying on children at a church in Alabama — but he went on to work at Southern Baptist churches in Florida before police arrested him. Timothy Reddin was convicted of possessing child pornography, yet he … Continue reading

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#AmericaFirst… No

#AmericaFirst is blasphemy for a Christian. #JesusFirst is the only legitimate Christian slogan. All others are an affront to both the Gospel and God.

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Play a Ball Sport? Go Ahead and Beat That Woman…

If you play a ball sport you can beat women like a stray cur and still play, but if you protest injustice peacefully you get banned. That’s your @NFL and that’s why I’m done with it.

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