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We Thank Thee, Lord…

We thank thee, Lord, for the stalwart souls who write corrective tomes on ecclesiology today, because they alone have the key to the church’s proper implementation…

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When You’re a White Woman, They Let You Get Away With Molestation

A former Ripon High School teacher who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a student has been placed on probation.  Samantha Marco, formerly Samantha Fitzpatrick, now of Belington, W.Va., has been given a withheld sentence, and placed on probation for three … Continue reading

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On ‘Student Evaluations of Professors’, Again

Well we all know they’re bad.  Now there’s reason to understand that they are bad all around. Research on student evaluations of teaching suggests that the gender and age bias most colleges pride themselves on avoiding contaminate those evaluations, along with other … Continue reading

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This Is What It Looks Like…

When you’re a ‘church’ but you take a certain measure of delight in the dreadful treatment of children by monsters just so that you can feel morally superior.

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This is What Happens When Twitter Let’s Just Anyone Put ‘Theologian’ in their Profile

This is the self-made theology of the toilet chamber.

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Southern Baptists Need to Repent- And To Set Up a Database of Pastors so that Abusers Can Be Tracked

It’s time for the old men running the SBC to catch up with the times and commission a database of ALL pastors and staff of ALL Southern Baptist Churches, including any criminal complaints or convictions. It’s time. Use some of … Continue reading

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Evidently You Have to Be Mentally Ill To Work For Fox News

How else to explain the stupidity of so many of their talking heads. Fox News host Pete Hegseth explained on Sunday that he doesn’t wash his hands because “germs are not a real thing.”  Following a commercial break, Fox & Friends co-host … Continue reading

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The Newest Edition of the Zürcher Bibel

Includes the Deterocanonicals- Judith Tobit Baruch Jesus Sirach Wisdom of Solomon 1 Macc 2 Macc Along, of course, with the rest of the Old and New Testament books.  TVZ have sent a review copy of this edition, for which I … Continue reading

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Dull Witted and Coarsely Ignorant

I am not dull-witted nor coarsely ignorant – qualities which my enemies take for holiness, calling themselves the disciples of fishermen as if men were made holy by knowing nothing.  – St. Jerome

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Brady Takes Piper to the Theological Woodshed

Deservedly so.  Christian is right, Piper’s genuinely wretched theology (why is he looked up to?) is truly harmful.  If you’re one of those silly YRR people, do yourself a favor, put Piper and the other celebs down and pick up … Continue reading

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This Should Be Of Interest

17th century British book illustrations. You know you want to look.

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Ignorance of providence is the ultimate of all miseries; the highest blessedness lies in the knowledge of it.  — John Calvin

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