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Sexual Assault is a Pandemic

It takes place at churches of every denomination. It takes place at schools at every level. and most of all it takes place at homes.

So while we justifiably despise the 300 cases of assault reported since 1998 in Southern Baptist churches let’s not overlook the fact that there are probably that many in a week across America committed in homes by moms and dads.

Indeed- let us not forget that women committ sexual assault too.

Let’s exterminate sexual assault and let’s begin where most of it takes place- in homes. That, after all, is where abusers learn to abuse.

If we eradicate it there we can eradicate it everywhere.

And if you think that boys and girls assaulted by teachers and clergy have ten thousand stories to tell, wait till the dam of shame bursts and the millions abused by good old mom and dad lose their fear and begin to tell.

Oh, and by the way, if you ignore abuse at home but talk about abuse at church and school, you are a part of the problem. If you only demonize sexual assault when it takes place at the hands of your favorite whipping boy, you need to shut up.

Godless Blasphemy

So of course the court evangelicals will say nothing.

Conference Reflections

  • Zurich is the ideal location for a meeting.
  • The occassion for the conference was perfectly proper.
  • The papers were wonderfully informative and I’m very keen to see the Conference volume next year.
  • It’s always great to see friends at such events. Nerdy folk with the same nerdy interests.
  • The weather was fine. It was cool, but it only rained one day.
  • It’s great to attend such things but even nicer to get back home.

Many, many thanks to Peter Opitz and the IRG for putting it all together, extending the invitation, providing transport and hotel, and most of all being exceedingly gracious throughout.

I look forward to the 1000th anniversary of Zwingli’s arrival in Zurich 500 years from now.

It’s Here

So at least it should be on time departing. And since this is Zurich I have no doubt it will be.

Till Next Time, Zurich