The Last Batch of the Day

A pleasant but cold evening wandering and the dinner with Joe Mock.

A Brief Guest Post by Wouter Henkelman

Contrary to recent postings on various outlets, I have not discovered (or claimed discovery) of a new inscription at Naqsh-e Rustam, Iran: all credit for this splendid discovery goes to Mojtaba Doroodi (Shiraz) and Soheil Delshad (Freie Universität Berlin).

The new inscription, baptised DNf, is a trilingual caption in format comparable to DNc and DNd. Although short and partly broken, it contains a number of new elements that are of philological and historical interest. A commented edition by Doroodi and Delshad will shortly be published in the online journal ARTA (

Wouter Henkelman

The Trip Over…

Was great.  A nearly empty plane meant that I had an entire row to stretch out.