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Total Depravity: They Killed Him Because He adidn’t Know Some Bible Verses… And He Was 7

Hell is waiting for you, monsters.

Next Stop…

Reminder: 100 Years of Barth’s Römerbrief

If you’re interested in the early Barth this will be of interest. But do note, they mean the first edition, published in 1919 and never translated into English and not the vastly different second edition of 1922 which has been translated (though not stunningly) and which was panned by Barth’s colleagues as more Barth than Paul.

Bacon and Booze Both Increase Your Cancer Risk

Take that, bacon weirdos.

A new study suggests that avoiding bacon and alcohol could help reduce the risk of cancer by up to 40 percent.

The World Cancer Research Fund study, which sampled data from 51 million people, found that even the smallest amounts of processed meats and booze increased the risk of a number of cancers, according to the Evening Standard.

It’s science.

From Phl to Zrh

Departing this evening. No fear that the plane won’t be available because it’s already here.

And no fear that it will be crowded because every seat not marked with an x is open.

It’s going to be a very lovely flight.

In Kansas Pedophiles are ‘Victims’ and Children are ‘Aggressors’…

What a swamp.

Can children aged 13 and 14 years old be the aggressors in a sexual encounter with a 67-year-old man?

A Leavenworth County judge recently said he thought so when he reduced the prison sentence for a man who paid for sex with young girls he solicited over the internet.

District Judge Michael Gibbens sentenced Raymond Soden to five years and 10 months in prison. That was eight years less than what was called for in Kansas sentencing guidelines.


Commemorative Synod of Dort Stamps

Details here.

From Tys to Phl

New from Finkelstein and Römer