Daily Archives: 3 Feb 2019

Yay Switzerland, Boo England

This week’s twitter stats…

I have to be at the Airport …

At 3:30 in the morning. From Knoxville it’s a layover in Philadelphia before the flight to Zurich.

Expect lots of travel photos.

Yup, The Human Race is Unhinged in Madness

Doubt it?  You shouldn’t.  And when you read this, you won’t.

Signs of the Times

I just realized that #SBLIII has NOTHING to do with the SBL. It refers to super bowl 53…. Ugh.

Worship or Ballgame: It’s Your Decision

But, if you skip worship for the ballgame then when your mom is on her deathbed be sure to call the coach since ball is your true religion.

Farewell, Johannes Gutenberg

J.G. died on this day in 1468.  His invention is probably the most important ever.