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More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

More ‘Jesus is Just Like Me, Isn’t That Amazing?’

The problem of course is that this Jesus is no more historical than the parody Jesuses of his pretended opponents.

Franklin Graham is A False Teacher

Stop sending him money.

Martin Sallmann on the ‘Zwingli Film’

Prof Sallmann doesn’t agree with Groebner’s negative assessment.  That’s 0 for 2 so far.

This is Why You Don’t Use Diglots

No one wants Chris raised from the dead. Via Jamie Davies, who uses as Greek /English by Nestle-Aland.

Demonic Caterpillars

Luther, taking up a caterpillar, said: ’Tis an emblem of the devil in its crawling walk, and bears his colours in its changing hue. — Martin Luther

Reason Is a Good Thing, Unless it Becomes an Idol

luther2And to make sure that it doesn’t, Luther advises us to

“…see to it that you hold reason in check and do not follow her beautiful cogitations. Throw dirt in her face and make her ugly.”

Reason, as good, beautiful, and useful as she is, can become, again in Luther’s words, a ‘whore’ which leads astray.  Trust God, not self and certainly not the idols created by your own mind.  Trusting something your mind invents is the most foolhardy of all the follies.  After all, reason isn’t God, God is.  Reason isn’t infallible and can only be trusted so far.

No, Don’t

This is singularly bad advice.  First of all, there were 1800 years of Christian preaching before Spurgeon and things carried on well enough.  Second, when you model yourself and your sermons after a preacher you deny God’s choice of you.  God calls you to be you, he doesn’t call you to be like someone else.  It is always singularly bad theologically to decide to emulate someone else.  Paul may have said ‘imitate me’ but Spurgeon isn’t Paul and you won’t be either.

Don’t try to be someone else.  Or like someone else.  If God wanted your congregation to hear the likes of Spurgeon he would have planted them in London whilst Spurgeon was rambling on in his grating annoying way.  Every preacher is like a snowflake- individual and made to be such, for their own time and place and not for someone else’s.

Be yourself.  Forget making rules from or adopting rules from someone else who preaches.

SBL Southeast News Regarding the 2019 Meeting

The great leader writes on facebook-

SECSOR has moved to a college/university venue. SECSOR 2019 will be held on the campus of East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. There are many hotels near campus. Attendees will make their own hotel reservations. There will be a link available soon for you to purchase an ECU parking permit that will be good for the entire conference (March 8-10, 2019) for $5.00. The parking permit must be purchased through ECU’s link that will be available soon.

Here’s the registration link.  Other information will be posted on the SECSOR page.   If you google ‘hotels near East Carolina University’ you can find those nearby.

Personally, I think making your own hotel arrangements is the way to go.  Conference hotel costs always include a cut for the conference organizers or the third party booking agents they use, which means your costs are higher.

In Case You Missed It… Eleventh Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament

All the details are here.

Zwingli in the News

This little article about Zwingli and the Bible is SUPER.  Give it a read through.

Educate Your Children in the Faith Or They Will Lose Their Citizenship

The Council of the City of Geneva was serious about carrying Reform forward, so on 30 January, 1537, it passed a decree as follows:

… ‘those persons who had children at schools not in Geneva, should have them brought into that town or placed in other Christian schools; that otherwise the said children would be deprived of citizenship.’

Or, in other words, educate your children in the faith or they will lose their citizenship.  Oh for the good old days…

It’s Too Cold for Class, But it’s Never Too Cold For a Sports Game

Zwingli as Chaplain at the Battle of Marignano, 1515

Just because…