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That One Time Amos Called Rich Women ‘Cows’

Listen to this saying, you cows of Bashan living on the hill of Samaria, exploiting the weak and ill-treating the poor, saying to your husbands, ‘Bring us something to drink!’  The Lord God has sworn by his holiness: Look, the days will soon be on you when he will use hooks to drag you away and fish-hooks for the very last of you; through the breaches in the wall you will leave, each one straight ahead, and be herded away towards Hermon -declares Yahweh. (Amos 4:1-3)

Don’t Update Your iPhone to 12.1.3

It apparently is a disaster.

“Resistance”: A Holocaust Memorial Day Reminder

While many Germans silently allowed or actively participated in the murders of over 6 million Jews, there were also many Germans who resisted.  These are their stories.  Read them.  And then pray to God that you have the courage to resist when institutionalized hatred comes to your town.

Mozart Wrote the Most Fantastic Masses and this Is the Best of Them All

Mozart Wrote This Just After His Mom Died…


And Mozart’s Most Delightful Opera

And one of Mozart’s Best Piano Works

The Bigger the Book, The Wilder the Speculation

Why do some people write such large theological texts?  It’s simple: when you have a good imagination and don’t mind wild speculation, you can write huge books about unknown subjects.

This explains Wright’s massive tomes and the giant works of many others.

Never Forget

Or it will happen again-

Happy Birthday, Mozart!