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Just When You Thought Fake Christianity Couldn’t Get Any Dumber… ‘Birdbox Worship’ Services

Along comes profound buffoonery to prove you oh so very wrong… To which I say…

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If ‘pro-life’ doesn’t mean whole life it doesn’t mean life at all.  Anyone who asserts that they are pro-life and who doesn’t care about infants and immigrants and old folk and everyone in between isn’t pro-life at all. And anyone … Continue reading

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What Happens When Two Cops Play Russian Roulette?

You can guess. A St. Louis police officer has been charged with manslaughter in the death of another officer, allegedly by shooting her during a game of Russian roulette. Katlyn Alix, 24, died while off-duty early Thursday morning, according to a probable … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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I’m Going to Make A Fortune Sharing My Advice…

Which is essentially, ‘repent or roast, foul sinning wretch’…

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A Murder at a Funeral

A man was shot to death and two others were wounded Friday when a fight broke out at a funeral service in Compton, authorities said. About 160 mourners were crowded into New Holy Trinity Baptist Church in the 1900 block … Continue reading

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A Moral Muslim is Preferable to an Immoral Christian

I would vote for a moral Muslim before I would vote for an immoral Christian. And there’s a simple reason: immoral people are fundamentally selfish and untrustworthy. For instance, if a man is immoral and cheats on his wife, he … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe The Bad Press…

About marriage- Young men should be on their guard when they read pagan books and hear the common complaints about marriage, lest they inhale poison. For the estate of marriage does not set well with the devil, because it is … Continue reading

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Scott Desjarlais, Ladies and Gentlemen….

This is the same GOP Rep who had an affair and paid his mistress to get an abortion, and the pro-life party still re-elected him…

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