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And How Could We Know That?

Seems more like wishful thinking than historical fact.

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Pay Them

You must not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the corn; and again: The worker deserves his wages. — (1 Tim. 5:18)

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Gillette: An Observation

If you need #Gillette to tell you to be a decent human being and treat others with respect and dignity, you aren’t going to do it anyway. You lack a moral center that no commercial can fill.

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My Present Mood Is…

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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What About This Doesn’t the Government Understand?

“When someone works, the wages for this are not considered as a favour but as due“. (Rom. 4:4)

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A Reminder to the Self Absorbed

Yahweh Sabaoth says this, “Think carefully about your behaviour. You have sown much and harvested little; you eat but never have enough, drink but never have your fill, put on clothes but feel no warmth. The wage-earner gets his wages only … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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It’s Not the Church That Has Abdicated, It’s The ‘Progressive’ ‘Christians’

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Just for You, Because You’re That Special to Me…

The 1580 Zurich Bible, with illustrations by Hans Holbein, just for you.

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The Hunt For Dead Sea Scrolls Needs to ‘Hurry’, Say Israelis

Because “if we don’t do it now and quickly, the looters will beat us to it” is the basic argument of this report. Curious that such a sentiment should be expressed when Israel itself is happy enough to excavate in … Continue reading

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Weather For the Zurich Conference

Weather at home Weather at the Philadelphia transit point Weather in Zurich So it looks like weather won’t create any travel problems.  Yay.

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The Film Opens Tomorrow

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Incurring the Wrath of God, By Withholding Pay

You must not exploit a poor and needy wage-earner, be he one of your brothers or a foreigner resident in your community. You must pay him his wages … otherwise he may appeal to Yahweh against you, and you would … Continue reading

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Fun With Luther

This is the truth: the most pious monk is the worst scoundrel. — Martin Luther It’s true of the most pious facebook post-ers too.

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“Professor,” “Dr.,” and Geography

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
One of the curious features of modern academia is how academic titles are used so differently in various countries.  This isn’t really a posting on early Christianity, but I thought it might be…

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Another Zwingli Film Poster

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