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Signs of the Times

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I Want One of Those!

Who doesn’t want to clear the neighbors out in a third of the time?!?!?!

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Ralph’s Right

Advice I wish I could give my students that I need to heed as well: ● Stop chasing baubles and enjoy being good at one or a few things ● The humanities are the foundation, not a hobby. ● Do … Continue reading

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He Beat a 4 Year old to Death, Because She Spilled Juice… On… His… XBox…

Hell will open wide when this one arrives. An Illinois man was charged in the killing of his girlfriend’s daughter after the young girl spilled juice on his Xbox, the Chicago Tribune reported.   The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office says the child, … Continue reading

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Reminder: Steve King Represents Iowa or he Wouldn’t Represent Iowa in DC

People can say what they will, but it’s the voters of Iowa who continuously send the vile hatemonger to DC.  If he didn’t truly represent their views, they wouldn’t do it. Put simply, Iowa has a lot of racists in … Continue reading

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