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Signs of the Times

Selfishness is Sin

“It is tyrannical to look to what might please us more than to what would benefit others” – Melanchthon (via Ralph ‘Melanchthon’ Keen)

I Want One of Those!

Who doesn’t want to clear the neighbors out in a third of the time?!?!?!

Ralph’s Right

Advice I wish I could give my students that I need to heed as well:
● Stop chasing baubles and enjoy being good at one or a few things
● The humanities are the foundation, not a hobby.
● Do the one thing only you can do. Others will be better at all the other things
● Degrees don’t matter. What went into earning them does
● Things that just need to get done outnumber those that need to be done perfectly
● Our country is in crisis: the common good always comes first
● Accept persons as they are. They don’t come any other way
— Ralph Keen

He Beat a 4 Year old to Death, Because She Spilled Juice… On… His… XBox…

Hell will open wide when this one arrives.

An Illinois man was charged in the killing of his girlfriend’s daughter after the young girl spilled juice on his Xbox, the Chicago Tribune reported.   The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office says the child, 4-year-old Skylar Mendez, spilled juice on an Xbox while at home with 19-year-old Johnathan Fair.

According to an indictment, Fair punished the child by beating her and allegedly kicked her down the hallway of the home.   After the girl passed out, Fair brought her to the hospital and gave doctors conflicting accounts of what happened, authorities said.   Fair said he was babysitting Skylar when the young girl fell and hit her head. He later allegedly admitted to police to shaking and beating the 4-year-old.

Doctors said Mendez had brain swelling, and it did not appear to be the first time she had it. Hospital staff noted previous signs of abuse and shaking dating back several months.  Fair was indicted on four counts of first-degree murder. He’s being held at the Lake County jail, where his bond was set to $5 million.   Fair is scheduled to appear before a judge on Feb. 17.

If they need someone to pull the trigger, I volunteer.

When You’re Too Lazy To Read the Text…

Just leave it alone.  Don’t try to make it up.

Nope, not even remotely close.  Here’s what Prov 11:27 actually says.  Whoever strives for good obtains favour, whoever looks for evil will get an evil return.

Dilettantes- kindly find a hobby not related to the Bible.

People Aren’t Just Punished After Death

It’s not just the scriptural examples cited, but also the histories of every era that demonstrate that divinity brings to punishment in this life most of the murderers, thieves, liars, corrupt judges, seditious persons, tyrants. I say this so that we know that God requires this instructive warning in order that persons may be compelled by fear of punishment. – Melanchthon  (Via Ralph Keen)

Reminder: Steve King Represents Iowa or he Wouldn’t Represent Iowa in DC

People can say what they will, but it’s the voters of Iowa who continuously send the vile hatemonger to DC.  If he didn’t truly represent their views, they wouldn’t do it.

Put simply, Iowa has a lot of racists in it or they wouldn’t keep electing the racist Steve King.

Withdraw From Heretics

Withdraw, dearly beloved, from the heresy of Origen and from all heresies. For I see that all your indignation has been roused against me simply because I have told you that you ought not to eulogize one who is the spiritual father of Arius, and the root and parent of all heresies. And when I appealed to you not to go astray, and warned you of the consequences, you traversed my words, and reduced me to tears and sadness; and not me only, but many other Catholics who were present.  – St Jerome

Quote of the Year

“A sick country is governed by the scum of its inhabitants.” –Gustave Thibon

Zwingli’s Testimony at Hubmaier’s Trial

Zwingli testified at Balthasar Hubmaier’s trial as follows:

Doctor Balthasar hatt grett, man moge der oberkeit nienderth mit bas abkommenn, dann mit dem widertouff.  — Zwingli.

And the council passed sentence of exile.  Because the Anabaptists were viewed not so much heretics (which they were) as anarchists.  The council could deal with heretics.  Anarchists, though, were a cancer that had to be excised without mercy.