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The Ten Year Span Challenge

Me in 2009 and now in 2019.  Thanks, ministry…

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America is a Land of Hypocritical Contradictions

In America last year there were over 325 mass shootings.  That’s nearly one a day.  And the consequences?  Nothing.  No gun laws have been enacted restricting access for criminals or terrorists or even the mentally ill. In the same period … Continue reading

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Luther? Who is That?

Zwingli seems only to have become aware of Luther at the end of 1518, although he had probably heard of the dispute about indulgences in Germany in 1517. His interest in the German reformer only really dates from a year … Continue reading

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Spiritual Truths from Nature

A wildebeest that stays with the herd is safe whilst a wildebeest that peels off from the herd is more subject to being killed by a pack of hyena. The truth? Christians that stay connected to the community of faith … Continue reading

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When You Look Like A Person in a Famous Portrait…

via facebook…

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Israel Finkelstein at the Ecole Biblique

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