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Steve King Is Iowa

The people of Iowa know him to be a racist and they keep voting for him. Hence, Mr King isn’t the disease, he is the symptom. The voters of Iowa are the disease.

It’s important to know the disease and then the synptom can be dealt with- as the disease is dealt with.

Racists elect racists. Cure the racists, and you rid the land of men like King.

Another Reason to Love Jerome

Jerome was the only Church Father to have written commentaries on all the prophets of the Old Testament. — Urs Leu

That’s My Bank

Regions is where we do our banking.  It’s a super bank and they are doing something great here for those affected by the Donald J. Trump shutdown.

Zwingli and Jerome

Here’s a fun fact from Urs Leu’s brilliant book-

Jerome is mentioned [by Zwingli][JW] 873 times, Augustine 512, Ambrose114 451 and Origen 345, the names of the latter two occurring predominantly in the marginal notes of Zwingli’s copy of the Greek Pauline epistles.

Zwingli loved Jerome.  With good reason.

DNA Happiness

God’s Message to those Who Withhold Wages

Well now, you rich! Lament, weep for the miseries that are coming to you. Your wealth is rotting, your clothes are all moth-eaten. All your gold and your silver are corroding away, and the same corrosion will be a witness against you and eat into your body. It is like a fire which you have stored up for the final days. Can you hear crying out against you the wages which you kept back from the labourers mowing your fields? The cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord Sabaoth. On earth you have had a life of comfort and luxury; in the time of slaughter you went on eating to your heart’s content. It was you who condemned the upright and killed them; they offered you no resistance. — (Jas. 5:1-6)

I Hear You, Son of Sira

There are three sorts of people my soul hates, and whose existence I consider an outrage: the poor swollen with pride, the rich who is a liar and an adulterous old man who has no sense. (Sir. 25:2)

Parenting 101: You Don’t Give a Baby What it Wants Just Because it Throws a Tantrum

So if a pretend national emergency tantrum gets the manbaby Trump what he wants, what do you think he will want next, and declare an emergency to get?

Don’t give in to the tantrum.  Don’t let him have his way.

More than a Little True, You Know….

The Banana Republic of America

That’s what we’ve become.

Quote of the Day

“Give not thy sceptre unto them that be nothing” – Greek Addition to Esther as cited by Jerome.

And They Do Deserve It

Signs of the Times

Today With Zwingli

Zwingli was in Bern for the doings there and wrote his lovely wife to check in on things.

thumb_zwingli-and-wife-2Gnad und frid von gott.

Liebste husfrow, ich sag gott danck, das er dir ein fröliche gburt verlihen hatt. Der welle üns die nach sinem willen ze erziehen verlyhen. Schick miner bäsy j oder ij tuechly sölcher maass und wys, als du sy treyst. Sy kumpt zimmlich, doch nit bagynlich, ist ein frow von 40 iaren,  in alle wys und maass, wie sy meister Iörgen frow beschriben hatt.  Tuot mir und üns allen über die maass guetlich. Bis hiemit gott  bevolhen. Gruetz mir gfatter schaffnerin, Uolmann(!) Trinckler,  schultheiss Effingerin, und wer dir lieb sye.  Bitt gott für mich und uns alle.

Geben ze Bernn xj. tags Ienners.

Gruetz mir alle dine kind; besunder Margreten tröst in minem namen.

Huldrych Zuingli, din huswirt.  Schick mir, so bald du kanst, den tol’ggenrock.

Der frommen Anna Reinhartin ze Zürich, siner lieben husfrowen.

Another Zwingli Film Poster

Gottfried Locher: In Memoriam

Among students of the Swiss Reformation the name of Gottfried Locher towers above the rest. Locher’s brilliant contributions to that fecund period of theological development are without peer. He died on the 11th of January, 1996.

His most influential contribution, I think, is his massive and utterly thorough Die Zwinglische Reformation im Rahmen der europäischen Kirchengeschichte. Tremendously difficult to find, it nonetheless is worth the effort.

There’s a very brief bio of the great scholar here:

geboren 29.4.1911 Elberfeld (heute Wuppertal),gestorben 11.1.1996 Bern, ref., von Zürich. Sohn des Gottfried Wilhelm, Pfarrers der niederländ.-ref. Gemeinde Wuppertal-Elberfeld, und der Berta geb. Oberman. ∞ 1936 Irene Schöffner.

Theologiestud. in Königsberg, Zürich, Bonn. 1936 Pfarrer in Binningen, 1941 in Feuerthalen, 1954 in Riehen. 1948 Dr. theol., 1954 PD an der Univ. Zürich, 1958-78 o. Prof. für systemat. Theologie und Dogmengeschichte in Bern (1968-69 Rektor). L.s wissenschaftl. Interesse galt der (auf ihre Aktualität hin befragten) Reformationstheologie.

Er legte profunde Studien zu Heinrich Bullinger, Johannes Calvin, zur Berner Reformation und v.a. zu Huldrych Zwingli vor, dessen Theologie er “im Lichte seiner Christologie” und dessen Reformation “im Rahmen der europ. Kirchengeschichte” darstellte. Dr. h.c. der Univ. Basel und Debrecen (Ungarn).

Continue to rest in peace, good sir.


Another Despicable Fake Pastor in the News: The Depravity of Donnie Romero

Read the story here.

What did Donnie do?

I’m just gonna mention, you know, what the sins were without going into detail. Basically the major sin involved was being with prostitutes. And then there were also marijuana and gambling that were also discovered.

Most Prayers…

Have more to do with people wanting God to overturn the free will of others but not theirs whilst simultaneously and utterly ignoring the will and purpose of God.