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Zwingli on the Indispensability of the Biblical Languages

You cannot maintain your soul in better order than by meditating on the Word of God day and night. But this can only be done correctly if Hebrew and Greek are properly mastered because, without the one, the Old Testament cannot be really understood, and without the second, the New Testament cannot be correctly understood*.  — Huldrych Zwingli

*Tr. by Urs Leu. – “Rectius autem animum componere non poterit, quam si verbum dei nocturna manu diurnaque verset. Id autem commode faciet, si linguas, Hebraicam et Graecam probe calleat, quod sine altera vetus instrumentum, sine altera novum pure capi difficulter possit.”

A New Divinity

Mark Jones, Michael A. G. Haykin
A New Divinity
Reformed Historical Theology 49
ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55285-8

This is a study on Reformed theological debates during the »Long Eighteenth Century« in Britain and New England. By »Long« a period that goes beyond 1700–1799 is in view. This examination begins just before the eighteenth century by looking at the Neonomian-Antinomian debate in the 1690s. This is followed by the Marrow Controversy in Scotland in the eighteenth century. After that, the authors address the ecclesiological debates between George Whitefield and the Erskines. The doctrine of free choice concerning Edwards and his departure from classical Reformed orthodoxy is highlighted next, followed by reflections on the Edwardseans and the atonement. Returning to Britain again, the volume provides a study on hyper-Calvinism, and on eschatological differences among key figures in the eighteenth century. More specific debates in particular Baptist circles are noted, including the battle over Sandemandianism and the Trinitarian battles fought by Andrew Fuller and others. Returning to ecclesiology, a discussion on the subscription controversy in Philadelphia in the early eighteenth century and an analysis of the debate about the nature of »revival« in New England close this volume.

I appreciate V&R sending along a review copy (supplied by their North American distributor, ISD).

Readers are encouraged to click on the link above and then scroll down to the ‘Leseprobe’ tab to see the table of contents and other front matter.  Those materials aren’t repeated here since they are easily available there.

The twelve essays here collected offer readers very carefully presented materials on a number of very intriguing aspects of the history of the Church in its Reformed manifestation in 17th and 18th century England and America.  In particular, VanDoodewaard’s work on the Marrow Controversy, Helm’s on Hyper-Calvinism, Herzer on Eschatology, Finn on Sandemanianism, and Smart on the Great Awakening are wonderfully crafted academic essays.  Smart, concise, and informative are the three terms that come to mind whilst reading these contributions.

The editor’s introduction (which can be read at the link above) nicely outlines the essays here included and shows their relatedness.  The volume also includes a list of contributors and an index of persons.

The chief aim is nicely encapsulated in the last paragraph-

Would I recommend this collection?  Certainly.  Go read this book then.  And you’ll love it.

CBA News

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Quote of the Day: Understanding Scholars

In addition to diaries and correspondence, a scholar’s private library provides valuable clues about his interests and his spiritual universe as well as revealing the texts which influenced him. Hence, investigating someone’s private library is just as crucial in tracing his spiritual life and intellectual conflicts, as is the scrutiny of other personal documents. – Urs Leu

You show me your library, and I’ll show you who you are. Your library is a window into your soul.

Break them, Lord, Break them and Crush Them

In his pride the wicked hunts down the weak, who is caught in the schemes he devises. The wicked is proud of his inmost desires, by his blasphemies the grasping spurns Yahweh, the wicked in his arrogance does not look very far; ‘There is no God,’ is his only thought. In all circumstances his step is assured; your judgements are above his head. His rivals? He scoffs at them all.

He says in his heart, ‘I shall never be shaken,’ free of trouble himself, he wishes it on others. His speech is full of lies and browbeating, under his tongue lurk spite and wickedness. In the undergrowth he lies in ambush, in his hiding-place he murders the innocent. He watches intently for the downtrodden, lurking unseen like a lion in his lair, lurking to pounce on the poor; he pounces on him and drags him off in his net. He keeps watch, crouching down low, the poor wretch falls into his clutches; he says in his heart, ‘God forgets, he has turned away his face to avoid seeing the end.’ 

Rise, Yahweh! God, raise your hand, do not forget the afflicted!  Why should the wicked spurn God, assuring himself you will never follow it up?  You have seen for yourself the trouble and vexation, you watch so as to take it in hand. The oppressed relies on you; you are the only recourse of the orphan. Break the arm of the wicked and evil, seek out wickedness till there is none left to be found.– (Ps. 10:2-15)

Russia – 1, America – 0

Why You Should Follow Lukas on Twitter

He posts stuff like this:

@bormann_lukas — #SNTS2019 #Bultmann We (LOC) are preparing a “Rudolf-Bultmann-Rundweg” for SNTS 2019, Marburg and for all interested in NT. We learned that Helene Bultmann built the family house. The scholar himself saw the place the first time, when the topping-out ceremony was celebrated.

Who knew?

Have a Yard Sale to Get by, Members of the Coast Guard Told…

Does Congress not realize how bad all this is?  Do the fools not know they can override any Trump veto and they can – by themselves – get these workers paid.  Are the fools in Congress unaware that they are an EQUAL branch of government?  Did the entire lot fail 5th grade civics?

Whatever the answer to those questions are, one thing is certain- this situation is contemptible.

Employees of the U.S. Coast Guard who are facing a long U.S. government shutdown just received a suggestion: To get by without pay, consider holding a garage sale, babysitting, dog-walking or serving as a “mystery shopper.”

The suggestions were part of a five-page tip sheet published by the Coast Guard Support Program, an employee-assistance arm of the service often known as CG SUPRT. It is designated to offer Coast Guard members help with mental-health issues or other concerns about their lives, including financial wellness.

“Bankruptcy is a last option,” the document said.

Today With Zwingli

On 11 January, 1527 Zwingli wrote Philip, Margrave of Baden, this

zwingliRespersit omnium, qui apud nos sunt piorum aures pietatis tuę fama, clarissime marchio, quę me tam confidentem reddidit, ut mortalium omnium postremus ad te, dominum meum observandissimum, istas dare nihil sim cunctatus.

Adstipulatae sunt proposito tua illa insignis bonitas ac ingenii vere ingenui dexteritas et, quae alios deterrere potuisset, amplitudo. Invitavit quoque super omnia iudicii sanctitas, quae in principibus ut rara, pro dolor, est hac tempestate, ita in te incorrupta nitet, ut nemo conscientia bona fretus non audeat intrepide ad te accedere. Cum ergo Jacobus Struthio), homo fortasse audentior quam doctior, loquentior quam circumspectior, libellum in nos ediderit, se quidem non magnopere, te vero, illustrissimo ac optimo principe, indignissimum, quo et eucharistiae veritatem subruere et, quam in euangelii sui ministerio autoritatem dominus dedit, contaminare ex professo etiam nititur, nihil cessandum esse duxi, quo minus istius impudentiae responderemus, propterea quod esset a sacris concionibus tuis.

Certus enim sum, quod, quicquid tandem in considerationem veniat, ubi veritas eius singulari prudentiae tuae planius exponatur, nullatenus offensum iri posse. Est ergo eucharistię causa nobis hoc libello denuo tractata; faxit deus, ut omnia in gloriam suam cedant, non hercle quasi prius non sint affatim omnia prodita, sed ut, qui contentiosi sunt, plane videant, verborum figmentis veri faciem obscurare nequire, semperque futuros esse, qui illius amore non modo silere, sed non in discrimen quoque venire nolint. Lege ergo, si licet ac decet, eum libellum, neque hic quicquam dictum puta in sacrosanctam pietatem tuam. Videbis haud dubie indigne facere, qui rem minime compertam sic apud indoctam plebem traducunt. Boni facito pro tua bonitate omnia et, ut euangelio eiusque ministris hactenus tanquam Abdias [1. Kön. 18, 3ff.] patrocinatus es, perge.

Tiguri, 11. die Januarii 1527.

Zwingli worked hard far and wide to spread the truth of Reformed doctrine. That’s why he made a difference.