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The Zwingli Film Sponsor

So this is fun.  Check it out.

You’ve Been Warned

From there Elisha went up to Bethel, and while he was on the road, some small boys came out of the town and jeered at him. ‘Hurry up, baldy!’ they shouted. ‘Come on up, baldy!’  He turned round and looked at them; and he cursed them in the name of Yahweh. And two bears came out of the forest and savaged forty-two of the boys.  From there he went on to Mount Carmel and then returned to Samaria. (2 Ki. 2:23-25)

Colossians Fun for Your Philosophy Loving Friends

Make sure that no one captivates you with the empty lure of a ‘philosophy’ of the kind that human beings hand on, based on the principles of this world and not on Christ. (Col. 2:8)

Who Knew: The Leader of the Russian Orthodox Church is a Dispensationalist

And a theological/ exegetical nitwit.

People’s dependence on smartphones and modern technology could bring about the coming of the Antichrist, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church has warned.


The 2019 Barth Conference

The 2019 Annual Karl Barth Conference will be hosted by the Center for Barth Studies from June 16-19, 2019 on the campus of Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey. Fifty years from Barth’s own death and on the centenary of the publication of the Römerbrief, the conference takes as its theme, “The Finality of the Gospel: Karl Barth and the Tasks of Eschatology”. The central purpose is to consider how fresh encounters with various aspects of Karl Barth’s dogmatic theology and biblical exegesis might stimulate, inform, shape, and challenge contemporary reflection on the range of eschatological themes in Christian theology. Plenary papers from leading theologians and biblical scholars from North America and Europe will be supplemented by the contributions of other scholars to be offered in two concurrent sessions during the conference.

Plenary Speakers include:

  • John Barclay, University of Durham
  • Douglas Campbell, Duke University
  • Christophe Chalamet, University of Geneva
  • Nancy Duff, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Susan Eastman, Duke University
  • Beverly Gaventa, Baylor University
  • Karen Kilby, University of Durham
  • Grant Macaskill, University of Aberdeen
  • Kenneth Oakes, Notre Dame University
  • Christoph Schwöbel, University of St. Andrews
  • Christiane Tietz, University of Zurich
  • Philip G. Ziegler, University of Aberdeen

For more information, please click here: 2019 Annual Karl Barth Conference

SNTS 2019

The website is up and running. With more to come.

74. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für das Studium des Neuen Testaments, 30. Juli – 2. August


74. Rencontre annuelle de Societé pour l’étude du Nouveau Testament, 30 juillet – 2 août 2019


74th General Meeting of the Society for New Testament Studies, 30 July – 2 August

Important News!



Nach dem nationalsozialistischen Rassegesetz wäre der Herr Christus unfähig und untüchtig, seine eigene Botschaft zu verkündigen und dürfte keine Schule betreten. – K. Steinbauer

Much more here.

It Has Arrived!

It’s always an exciting day when the Journal arrives.

More Alabama Racism: The Case of Maori Davenport

Maori Davenport is a senior basketball player at Charles Henderson High School in Troy, Alabama. Committed to Rutgers, she is one of the very best players in the nation. Last summer, Maori played for her country, representing her school and the state of Alabama, on the United States under-18 team in Mexico City. Maori won a gold medal for USA Basketball.

Steve Savarese is the executive director of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. A former high school teacher and coach, Savarese has been the head of the AHSAA for the past dozen years.

In a bizarre case of first impression in Alabama, Maori Davenport was declared ineligible by Savarese at the end of November, effectively ending her high school basketball career. The reason? An administrative error by USA Basketball. That’s it. A clerical error. Nothing more.

This is absurd.  This girl has done nothing wrong and she is being unfairly punished.  By a white guy.  In Alabama.  What explanation is there but racism?  Read the whole essay and then explain to me what other possible explanation there can be.

Richard Bauckham – Jesus Christ as the Alpha and Omega