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My Favorite Movie: An Observation

The Help‘ is the greatest movie I have ever seen.  It is – unquestionably – my favorite movie ever.


Well ….

Florida woman attacked parents for not taking her to Outback Steakhouse, authorities say…

Kids these days… Florida kids anyway…

Yet Another Reason Most People Shouldn’t Be Allowed Within 500 Miles of a Bible

I just wish I knew who the commentator was. Because if anyone deserves a dilly it’s him.

What Is Wrong With People?

If you are angry that a teenage girl was caught on tape dancing, fully clothed, without even the slightest hint of indeceny; but you are silent about the President’s wife posing nude.  Posing.  Nude….  Your hypocrisy is Level Satanic and you need to check yourself into a repentance clinic.

The Vermin In Congress and at the White House Will Get a Pay Raise Tomorrow


Allow me to be uncharacteristically blunt:  the dirtbags in Congress and in the Whitehouse will get pay raises tomorrow. During a government shutdown. Because they don’t care about 800,000 Americans but they do care about themselves. These vermin are scum.  STOP SENDING THE SAME PEOPLE BACK TO WASHINGTON.

Another Zwingli Film Poster

Signs of the Times

SOTS, Two Years Ago, Today…

In Nottingham…