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Lawmen in Alabama Sure Have a Lot of Slime in their Numbers

Top of the list is the pedo Moore.   And now this guy, again.

For more than 20 years, the US has held immigrant detainees in Etowah County Detention Center, a jail in Alabama.  As part of a Depression-era state law, Alabama sheriffs are allowed to keep half of surplus jail funds meant to go toward food budgets.

Since Etowah County Detention Center is the only Alabama jail that houses immigrant detainees, this means that any extra money left behind after feeding Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees must be split 50-50 between the county’s sheriff and the county’s fund.  Thanks to surpluses in 2016 and 2017, Todd Entrekin, the county’s sheriff, legally collected $750,000. Earlier this year, Entrekin admitted that he bought a $740,000 beach house with the money after, the online version of Alabama’s largest newspaper, The Birmingham News, questioned him about it.

He went on to lose reelection this year, a loss he credits to the newspaper’s investigation.  But in a new report, found that Entrekin might have taken twice as much money home from the surplus.  According to the report, the county jail has, since 2011, built up a $3 million surplus from the federal inmate food budget. Half of that has gone to the county, half of that to the sheriff.

Is there no one in Alabama’s legislature bright enough to write a bill that changes that stupid law?  No one?

America…. God isn’t your god.  Money is.

Creationism and Science… Together…

Lester L. Grabbe’s new book, ‘Faith and Fossils,’ says evolution doesn’t contradict the Genesis story — but unlike similar arguments, comes from a theologian, not a scientist.

In an ambitious new book, a scholar of the Hebrew Bible uses his knowledge of Scripture and science to contend that people can believe in both religion and evolution.

“Faith & Fossils: The Bible, Creation & Evolution” by Lester L. Grabbe surveys ancient religious texts from Gilgamesh to Genesis, and more contemporary scientific research. He concludes that one can accept that God created the universe, and that life operates according to principles that include the theory of evolution.

Well there you go then. Etc.

Another Film Poster

When You Choose A King, You Only Get Enslaved

When Samuel grew old, he appointed his sons as judges of Israel. His eldest son was called Joel and his second one, Abijah; they were judges at Beersheba. His sons did not follow his example but, seduced by the love of money, took bribes and gave biased verdicts. 

The elders of Israel all assembled, went back to Samuel at Ramah, and said, ‘Look, you are old, and your sons are not following your example. So give us a king to judge us, like the other nations.’ Samuel thought that it was wrong of them to say, ‘Let us have a king to judge us,’ so he prayed to Yahweh.

But Yahweh said to Samuel, ‘Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you: it is not you they have rejected you but me, not wishing me to reign over them any more. They are now doing to you exactly what they have done to me since the day I brought them out of Egypt until now, deserting me and serving other gods. So, do what they ask; only, you must give them a solemn warning, and must tell them what the king who is to reign over them will do.’ Everything that Yahweh had said, Samuel then repeated to the people who were asking him for a king.

He said, ‘This is what the king who is to reign over you will do. He will take your sons and direct them to his chariotry and cavalry, and they will run in front of his chariot. He will use them as leaders of a thousand and leaders of fifty; he will make them plough his fields and gather in his harvest and make his weapons of war and the gear for his chariots. He will take your daughters as perfumers, cooks and bakers. He will take the best of your fields, your vineyards and your olive groves and give them to his officials. He will tithe your crops and vineyards to provide for his courtiers and his officials. He will take the best of your servants, men and women, of your oxen and your donkeys, and make them work for him. He will tithe your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. When that day comes, you will cry aloud because of the king you have chosen for yourselves, but on that day Yahweh will not hear you.’ The people, however, refused to listen to Samuel. They said, ‘No! We are determined to have a king.  (1 Sam. 8:1-19)

Signs of the Times

The War Against Heresy

Luther writes

[There is a] war against heresy, against heathenism, against human traditions.  That the [heretics] use Scripture as we do gives them a very wicked weapon. The battle, then, is over the correct use of Scripture, not over Scripture itself.

Citing Scripture isn’t sufficient.  Even the devil and his heretics can do that.  Correctly citing Scripture is the key, and that the heretics cannot do since they lack the Spirit.  As Paul puts it

The Spirit we have received is not the spirit of the world but God’s own Spirit, so that we may understand the lavish gifts God has given us.  And these are what we speak of, not in the terms learnt from human philosophy, but in terms learnt from the Spirit, fitting spiritual language to spiritual things. The natural person has no room for the gifts of God’s Spirit; to him they are folly; he cannot recognise them, because their value can be assessed only in the Spirit.  The spiritual person, on the other hand, can assess the value of everything, and that person’s value cannot be assessed by anybody else.  For: who has ever known the mind of the Lord? Who has ever been his adviser? But we are those who have the mind of Christ. (1 Cor. 2:12-16)

With Notes by NT Wright…

Signs of the Times

Plus Tunnels Under It…

This Is What Pretend Christianity Looks Like

It has no connection at all to historic Christianity; it lacks theological insight; it has no notion of the Church; and it is not Christianity.  If you’re a Christian and your ‘church’ cancels services at its ‘campuses’ (I’ll leave aside for now a discussion of the self-aggrandizing ego maniacs who imagine themselves managing various branch locations) simply because there’s a holiday around the corner, get out.  It isn’t a Church.  It is pretend Christianity.  It doesn’t worship God, it worships something else.  In this instance, family.  But as we all know (or should know) familyolatry is idolatry.

It’s Better to be a Becket Than it is to be a Court Evangelical

Via Gareth Jones on the Facebook-

Today the Church remembers Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Becket’s attempts to assert and extend the rights of the Church brought him into great conflict with Henry II, King of England. The rift between them deepened and in 1164, Becket was forced to flee to the continent in exile. Eight years later, his return was negotiated by papal legates. That same year – #OnThisDay in 1170 – four knights, followers of the king, confronted Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. He refused to submit to their demands and was brutally murdered. Only two years later, Pope Alexander III made Thomas Becket a saint, and his cult, centred on his tomb at Canterbury, became one of the most extensive and renowned during the Medieval period.

Illumination from the 15th century St Albans Chronicle [MS 6]

It’s better to be a Becket than it is to be a Court Evangelical.

‘The Body’

The current fascination with the ‘body’ in some corners of theological and biblical studies has more to do with the abandonment of the soul/ spirit than anything else. Simply put, paltry, empty, ultimately meaningless materialism is in fashion again.

A Sense of Shame

When a healthy sense of shame is lost, so is a sense of morality. And when morality departs, so do ethics.

How New Year’s Eve Revelers Think…

Go Ahead, Build the Wall

More Fake Theology Parading as Ecclesiology


Each day I stretched out my hands to a rebellious people who follow a way which is not good, as the fancy takes them; a people constantly provoking me to my face by sacrificing in gardens, burning incense on bricks, living in tombs, spending the night in dark corners, eating the meat of pigs, putting unclean foods on their plates. ‘Keep your distance,’ they say, ‘do not touch me, lest my sanctity come near you!’ Such words are like stifling smoke to me, an ever-burning fire. Look, it is inscribed before me: I shall not be silent until I have repaid them, repaid them in full, punished your guilt and your ancestors’ guilt together, Yahweh declares. For having burnt incense on the mountains and insulted me on the hills, I shall pay them back in full for what they have done. (Isa. 65:2-7)

Satan is at Work at the Border

Heads Should Roll

If border patrol agents are doing these things, they need to go to prison.