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Dershowitz Exposed

At least now we know why Dershowitz is so servile to Trump.

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Anyone who is not with me is against me, and anyone who does not gather in with me throws away. (Matt. 12:30)

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Eerdmans Advent Fun


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Quote of the Day

“Ist Gott im Herzen des Menschen, so werden göttliche Werke daraus kommen, wie die Hitze aus dem Ofen, wenn Feuer darin ist.  Wie die Redner sagen: Wo einem ein Handel ein herzliches Anliegen ist, so wird tapfer davon geredet; wo nicht, da ist alles saft-und kraftlos.” – Huldrych Zwingli (Sermon on Jeremiah, 17).

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The Zwingli Film Poster

I’m more excited about this film than you Star Wars weirdos are about any Star Wars movie ever made or that will ever be made.

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Covenant and Coherence in Tyndale’s Theology (I)

Covenant and Coherence in Tyndale’s Theology (I)

Great review of a neat sounding book.

The Crux of History

Werrell, Ralph S. The Theology of William Tyndale. Cambridge: James Clarke & Co., 2006. 242 pp. $52.50.

In his 2006 publication The Theology of William Tyndale, Ralph S. Werrell, a co-founder of the Tyndale Society, introduces the world to a new perspective on Tyndale. Born in Gloucestershire, England, in the late fifteenth century, Tyndale would later, as an exile on the European continent, promote the Reformation of the church in his homeland. Although he wrote numerous theological treatises, his major contribution to this cause was his English translation of the whole New Testament and parts of the Old Testament from the original languages. He died for this cause in 1536, strangled and burned at the stake in the town of Vilvorde, Belgium.[1]For this reason alone, Tyndale’s theological writings deserve further contemplation, and Werrell’s book is a welcome contribution to this field of study.

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Sad News: Paul Ellingworth Has Died

Via the undersigned-

Dear colleagues,

I have just received the sad news of the death of our long-time seminar member and friend, Paul Ellingworth. You will remember Paul as a regular participant at the seminar, until in the last few years the ill-health of his wife and the distance from Hawarden to his home in Aberdeen prevented him from joining us. The last paper he gave was at the 2014 seminar and, very fittingly, was on the subject of “The Law in Hebrews”. You will all have your own memories of his scholarship and his humanity, but I’m sure that they will include many instances of your experience of his kindness, modesty and gentle sense of humour. I certainly remember how nervous I was when I attended my first ever Hawarden seminar and realised that Paul would be there to hear my paper on the OT in Hebrews! Of course, I need not have worried, as I received only help and encouragement from him then and since. I will contact his son later today with a message of condolence on our behalf.

Some of you will already have received this news via the British NT Society or other fora, but, for the benefit of those who haven’t, I am pasting in below the details circulated by the Secretary of the BNTS.

Best wishes,
Susan Docherty

Professor Paul Ellingworth

We have received the sad news of the death of Professor Paul Ellingworth on Sunday last, 25 November from Richard, his second (of three) sons. Professor Ellingworth taught at the University of Aberdeen, and worked with the United Bible Societies as a translation consultant for many years, as well as publishing his major commentary on Hebrews (NIGTC), as well as many other published books, articles and essays.

The funeral service will be at 11.00 am on Wednesday 5 December at: Aberdeen Funeral Directors, 49 Causeway End, Aberdeen AB25 3TQ, and Richard Ellingworth says that members of the Society would be very welcome to attend. If you wish to attend the service, and optionally the funeral tea that follows, please let Richard know, either by email<> or phone 01224 314843<tel:01224%20314843>.

The funeral tea after the service will be at: the Palm Court Hotel, 81 Seafield Road, Aberdeen AB15 7YX.

Steve Walton, BNTS

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Scripture For the Day

Which of you here, intending to build a tower, would not first sit down and work out the cost to see if he had enough to complete it? Otherwise, if he laid the foundation and then found himself unable to finish the work, anyone who saw it would start making fun of him and saying, “Here is someone who started to build and was unable to finish.”  (Lk. 14:28-30)

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Doubt is Easier than Faith

A question was proposed by Master Ignatius, a student of sacred literature, on the day before the Kalentis of December, 1532 [i.e., 30 November]: Why do we more readily believe Satan when he terrifies than Christ when he consoles? The question was answered by Dr. Martin Luther: “Because we are better equipped to doubt than to hope; because hope comes from the Spirit of God but despair comes from our own spirit. Accordingly God has forbidden it [despair] under severe penalty. That we more easily believe penalty than reward is a product of the reason or spirit of man. Hoping and believing are different from thinking and speculating. Reason sees death before it, and it’s impossible for reason not to be terrified by it. Likewise we can’t be persuaded [by our reason] that God gives his Son and loves us so much, and hence we say, ‘You have not allowed your Son to be crucified for nothing!’ This is above reason. That God is so merciful, not on account of my works but on account of his Son, is incomprehensible. – Luther’s Table Talk

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Calvin the Impatient

calvin_budapestAlas, it is true that with none of my great and numerous shortcomings have I wrestled harder than with such impatience.  Yes, I am making some progress but I have never reached the point yet of keeping this wild beast completely under control. — John Calvin

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