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And Still One of the Best Vocalists Ever

And Still One of the Greatest Music Videos

Still one of the Greatest Bands


The American brand of evangelicalism isn’t Christianity and American evangelicals aren’t Christians.

None of these men are Christians in the true sense of the word.  None.  Of.  Them.

White Supremacists are Really Just White Degenerates

Here’s an interesting essay (in part)

… white supremacy, as used to describe a belief in the racial superiority of white people, may not be the best concept to help us understand what is going on here. It’s not that there isn’t a barely concealed attempt to rehabilitate the long and clearly documented history of white racism in “western” democracies. The issue is that I’m not sure that it’s “supremacy” that is the goal here, so much as a licence for a perverse kind of degeneracy.

Consider the contrast between Barack Obama and Trump. Obama is not a perfect human being, nor was he a perfect US president. But it’s impossible to deny his qualities. He is intelligent, competent, witty, plain-speaking, empathetic and has a loving relationship with his family. Obama is also a man who was not born into wealth and power, and worked hard to make something of his life. Trump is the reverse: incompetent, mendacious, rude and seemingly incapable of non-instrumental relationships. The only way he has made anything of his life is through being born into privilege, with sufficient reserves of family capital to allow him to build a “business” based on little more than bragging.

Aside from his politics, Trump is simply a man who falls short of any moral code you could care to imagine.

Degenerates following the degenerate in chief.

To The New Herd of Jesus Mythicists… Including But Not Limited to Steven Pinker

Your arguments have been completely refuted by the late Maurice Casey.  You should read more than just jesus-mythicist-blogposts.

The Stupidity of the ‘Jesus Mythicists’ Exposed in One Tweet

Laura Robinson-
@LauraRbnsn – Has anyone ever met a Jesus mythicist who wasn’t a white guy? It’s just hard to think of another demographic with the cajones to read two blog articles on a subject and then roll up to every university ever saying, “Okay, I’ve figured out why you’re wrong.”

Maurice Casey would be proud.

Märtyrerliteratur: Herausgegeben, übersetzt, kommentiert und eingeleitet

In their functions as memorial and devotional literature, the “Acts of the Martyrs”, are generally read as historical protocols. They are an access point for understanding the development of hagiography. By examining different genres and textual compilations (at times, synoptic), this volume reveals the diversity of this literature and documents its importance for understanding intellectual, social, and religious history.

Looks quite interesting.

The Zwingli Film Trailer Premiered Today at 8 AM EST

Watch it now.  It’s fantastic!

And watch a longer trailer here (just scroll down a little till you see it).

Or watch the full trailer here:


You’ve heard of #BlackFriday
and #CyberMonday
and #GivingTuesday

Well today is #WestWednesday

And here’s my wishlist: http://a.co/gGl6iNs

Be a blessing! Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Amen.

Today With Calvin: In Dispute With Hesshuss

On November 28, 1554 Calvin published a tract against one Hesshuss of Westphalia who had involved himself in dispute with the Reformer on the subject of the sacraments. That was a pretty bad idea on the part of Mr Hesshuss- for Calvin noted in the Preface:

It is the property of Satan to slander, to darken the light; and as the father of contention, to destroy peace, and break the unity of the faith. Such being the characteristics of this babbler, nothing remains for us but to designate him a child of the devil.”*

Yes, it’s a bad idea to annoy Calvin, known to many as ‘Mr I-Won’t-Put-Up-With-Any-Of-Your-Nonsense!’  I like that about him.

*The Life and Times of John Calvin, the Great Reformer Volume 2 (281). New York: Robert Carter & Brothers.

Robert Alter’s Translation and Commentary on the Hebrew Bible is About to Be Published

Details here.  It’s three volumes…

A landmark event: the complete Hebrew Bible in the award-winning translation that delivers the stunning literary power of the original.

A masterpiece of deep learning and fine sensibility, Robert Alter’s translation of the Hebrew Bible, now complete, reanimates one of the formative works of our culture. Capturing its brilliantly compact poetry and finely wrought, purposeful prose, Alter renews the Old Testament as a source of literary power and spiritual inspiration. From the family frictions of Genesis and King David’s flawed humanity to the serene wisdom of Psalms and Job’s incendiary questioning of God’s ways, these magnificent works of world literature resonate with a startling immediacy. Featuring Alter’s generous commentary, which quietly alerts readers to the literary and historical dimensions of the text, this is the definitive edition of the Hebrew Bible. 3 maps

I know publishers like to puff their products but exaggerations like ‘the definitive edition’ are troubling nonetheless. Let’s see what it’s really like and give it some time before we make such sweeping claims, shall we?