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Truly Ghastly and Evil

Your feelings on abortion are between you and God. Personally I think convenience abortions are murder. Period.

But the views expressed by this woman are simply demonic, narcissistic, and so selfish as to boggle the mind.

‘Men Love Darkness More Than Light Because They Prefer a Lie’ – Jesus

Conference Announcement

Striking Immorality

If your ATM is spitting out hundreds instead of tens and you keep it you are a thief. If you tell your friends to come get some you are evil.

Greed isn’t a disease of just the well off. If you take what isn’t yours you are just as vile as the Trumps and Kushners and Wall Street hedge fund managers. Don’t pretend otherwise.

Two Conferences

Dear Colleagues,

There are two important items to which I would like to call your attention.

1. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Papers on Calvin and Calvin Studies for the RefoRC Conference (15-17 May 2019).  The Calvin Studies Society solicits proposals for paper presentations for a thematic panel for the RefoRC conference, to be held in Bologna, Italy, from May 15-17, 2019. We welcome proposals for original papers by January 1 … (read more here).

2. COLLOQUIUM: The Calvin Studies Society colloquium registration is now open!  The biennial colloquium will be held on 11-13 April 2019 at Trinity Christian College (Palos Heights, IL, a suburb of Chicago).  Register by 15 January to receive the early bird discount … (read more here).

Best wishes to all, and we look forward to seeing you at future events!

David Whitford
President, Calvin Studies Society

Well That’s Some Rubbish Nonsense

Dispensationalism is so utterly bonkers-

Note to self:  it’s a bad idea to roam around at Amazon.com.  Look for specific titles, or you’ll just weep.

It Really Does…

It makes me tingle with pleasure from head to toe when I see that through me, poor wretched man that I am, God the Lord maddens and exasperates you hellish and worldly people, so that in your spite you will burst and tear yourselves to pieces – while I sit under the shade of faith and the Lord’s Prayer, laughing at you devils and your crew as you blubber and struggle in your great fury.  – Martin Luther

The Day the Melanchthons Married

melanchthonPhilipp Melanchthon married Katharina Krapp on November 27, 1520.

Apparently, Philipp had decided that his work and studies were to be his bride. For years he resisted the urgings of his friends for him to marry for fear that his studies would suffer. His friends, including Martin Luther, strongly disagreed. They even went so far as to choose a bride for him.

In some ways we know very little about Philipp Melanchthon’s wife, Katharina. She was the daughter of Wittenberg’s highly esteemed mayor and tailor Hans Krapp. She and Philipp spent the next 37 years in what was reported to be a very happy marriage. Together they had four children, Anna, Philipp, Georg, and Magdalene. The Melanchthon and Luther children spent much time playing together since their homes were next door to each other.

Katharina was a strong support to her husband. She stood by him when his friends condemned him for his doctrinal weakness. She also nursed him during his physically weak times. In short, Philipp’s marriage to Katharina did for him just the opposite of what he feared. Instead of it tearing him down, it sustained and strengthened him.

Despite all that they had in common, Katharina Melanchthon and Katie Luther never became close friends. But they did share these traits – they were hard workers who had deep love, respect, and support for their respective husbands.

Katharina Melanchthon died in 1557 while her husband was in Heidelberg furthering the cause of the Reformation.

No pictures of Katharina Melanchthon seem to exist today. This picture of Philipp is from 1532, is attributed to Lucas Cranach the Elder and is in the public domain.

-Rebecca DeGarmeaux (on Facebook)


No One Really Believes They’re Being Cannibals at the Lord’s Supper

Because no one really believes they’re literally eating the body and blood of Christ.  Oh sure, they say they are- but they don’t truly really think they’re chewing flesh and drinking blood.  Because that’s cannibalism.  And no one really believes they’re being cannibals when they take the Lord’s Supper.

When all is said and done, every Christian is a Zwinglian.