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Martin Luther’s Admonition of the GOP and the Court Evangelicals

Even if we were stones and wooden blocks, we could see by your works throughout all the world that you are lost, desperate children of the devil and also mad, crude asses in Scripture. Someone probably would like to curse you so that you might be struck down by lightning and thunder, burned by hellish fire, have the plague, syphilis, epilepsy, the plague of St. Anthony, leprosy, carbuncles, and all the plagues – but these are all caresses, and God has long ago punished you with greater plagues, just like God’s despisers and blasphemers should be punished. –  Martin Luther

Speculation is What Happens When Sense Goes Out For Lunch

And the whole silly Sodom industry is based on rank speculation.   But I suppose sensationalism sells juvenile archaeology magazines, and that’s the goal isn’t it…


Make no mistake, and let there be neither confusion nor waffling- no Christian could wear this.  Anyone who calls themselves a Christian, and wears this, is not a Christian, but an idolater.