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Whenever You Write Something, Someone Won’t Like it

So, be like Jerome- I am well aware that there will be many who, with their customary fondness for universal detraction (from which the only escape is by writing nothing at all), will drive their fangs into this volume. They … Continue reading

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Don’t Even Think About It…

Via Ralph *Melanchthon* Keen

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On the Reading Public…

Das Publikum ist eine Kuh, Die grast und grast nur immer zu. D.F. Strauss

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There is No Such Thing as a ‘Post Truth Age’

People who believe that the telling of a lie is as legitimate an expression of opinion as telling the truth and who decry as ‘bias’ the calling out of the lie have a tenuous grasp on reality.  And they deserve … Continue reading

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A Christoscopic Reading of Scripture: Johannes Oecolampadius on Hebrews

V&R* continue to produce volumes of extreme interest: The focus of this study is on Oecolampadius’s 1534 commentary on the biblical book of Hebrews, which derived from his theology lectures at the University of Basel in 1529-1530.  Jeff Fisher compares … Continue reading

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Feel Like Praying to a Saint? Read Oecolampadius First…

The full sermon is here.

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The Twisted Logic of the Jewish ‘Historic Right’ to Israel

Our political culture insists on seeing the Jews as the direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews. But the Jews never existed as a ‘people’ – still less as a nation. Well one thing’s for sure- Sand won’t make any friends … Continue reading

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