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Now Here’s A Fun Quiz

Here’s where you can take it.  And here are my results:

My 2019 Motto

What Morons

First, what asshattery.  And second, no one, and I mean no ONE calls a theologian a ‘theologist’.  And finally, anyone who makes such an assertion is neither Christian nor theologian.  Nor even bright enough to manage to tie their own shoes and even not if they have velcro straps.

You’re going to burn right in hell.  Yet this is precisely what happens when the ignorant are allowed within a mile of the Bible.

This Is How You Start a Book Review When The Book is Terrible…

There has come to my notice the foolish writing of a worthless individual, who nevertheless presents himself as a defender and vindicator of the glory of God, because he contests the principle that God rules the world so that nothing happens but by his secret counsel. This wretched fellow does not see that, by snatching at false pretexts for excusing the justice of God, he thereby subverts his power. This is just as if he were to try to rend God himself in pieces. For the rest, to give colour to his sacrilege, with as much malice as wickedness he remarks in his preface that God is not the cause of evil, nor wills sin. As if, when we attribute supreme dominion to God, we call him the author of sin!

So Calvin in a refutation titled Brief Reply in refutation of the calumnies of a certain worthless person.

That’s how you write a book review.  Oh for the good old days.

Be Thankful for Your Friends While You Have Them…

Philip and I in San Antonio at SBL in 2016.  I miss you, friend.

Quote of the Day

Eleven people got sick, so there’s a nationwide recall and alert not to buy or sell romaine lettuce.  In the past year, there have been more than 300 mass shootings and Republicans still haven’t a single thing about it. –  Christopher Hale

There’s A Difference Between Bravery and Stupidity

A tourist has been shot dead with a bow and arrow by tribal people living on a remote protected island in the Indian Ocean.  The American missionary was called John Allen Chau and he had travelled to North Sentinel Island – one of the world’s most isolated islands – with the intention of converting the people who live there to Christianity. North Sentinel Island is situated within the Andaman Islands and to say the people of this particular island wish to be left alone is something of an understatement.

The 27 year old paid fisherman to help him get across to the island, but it appears as if he was killed by the locals as soon as he arrived there. The indigenous people of North Sentinel are protected by law and it is illegal to go over to the island – not that you’d want to, given that they have a reputation for killing anyone who tries.

It’s great that you want to share the gospel.  It’s stupid to go somewhere that you are warned not to go by the people who live nearby.  God has given us brains for a reason.

Things Are about to Get Interesting…

Via the ‘Lying Pen of Scribes’ over on the facebook-

“I find it suspicious that early, direct access to the [Gabriel] stone was given to Israel Knohl, who just so happened to have previously published a speculative theory that the stone turns out, by some readings, to support. To me, this looks something like a preplay of the delivery of the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife to Karen King.”    Jonathan Klawans, “Deceptive Intentions: Forgeries, Falsehoods, and the Study of Ancient Judaism,” JQR 108 (2018): 489–501 (499)


(downloaded the essay from our library website and keen to read it later today).

A Whole Raft of New Books from V&R

Visit the publisher’s website and see all the info:

  • Casey B. Carmichael
    A Continental View: Johannes Cocceius’s Federal Theology of the Sabbath
    Reformed Historical Theology 41
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55278-0

Carmichael explores the origin of the debates among the Reformed over the question of the Sabbath, which reached a high point in the theology of Johannes Cocceius—one of the most significant and controversial Protestant theologians of the seventeenth century.

  • Frank van der Pol
    The Doctrine of Election in Reformed Perspective
    Refo500 Academic Studies (R5AS) 51
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-57070-8

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Synod of Dort (1618–19) researchers reflect in eleven essays the doctrine of election with special focus on this synod by the Dutch Reformed Church.

  • Jon D. Wood
    Reforming Priesthood in Reformation Zurich
    Reformed Historical Theology 54
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-57092-0

How did Heinrich Bullinger’s End-Times idiom entail a Protestant reclamation of clerical priesthood? Jon Wood takes his readers along to sixteenth-century Zurich and explores the changing clerical identity.

  • Judith Lena Böttcher
    Vowed to Community or Ordained to Mission?
    Forschungen zur Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte 114
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55263-6

Judith Böttcher offers an overdue exploration of the early years of the deaconess community in Neuendettelsau from a gender perspective. Drawing on rich archival material, she focuses on the process of a distinctive collective identity.

  • Katalin Péter
    Studies on the History of the Reformation in Hungary and Transylvania
    Refo500 Academic Studies (R5AS) 45
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55271-1

Katalin Péter offers a new narrative of the social dynamics in divided Hungary during the time of early Protestant Reformation. She presents common men and women as the agents of religious change.

  • Jae-Eun Park
    Driven by God
    Reformed Historical Theology 46
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55284-1

Jae-Eun Park shows the parallelism of the twin concepts of active justification and definitive sanctification, and provides a solid footing for viewing salvation as entirely God-driven and not human-driven.

  • Mark Jones, Michael A. G. Haykin
    A New Divinity
    Reformed Historical Theology 49
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55285-8

The contributions highlight theological debates that took place during the “Long Eighteenth Century” among Reformed theologians, dealing with examples from different countries and decades.

  • Kai-Ole Eberhardt
    Christoph Wittich (1625–1687)
    Reformed Historical Theology 47
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55283-4

Christoph Wittich, dessen Leben und Werk Kai-Ole Eberhardt hier untersucht, rezipiert und verteidigt als reformierter Theologieprofessor den Cartesianismus gegen Widerstände aus Universität und Kirche und sucht diesen mit einer reformiert-orthodoxen Theologie zu verbinden.

  • B. Hoon Woo
    The Promise of the Trinity
    Reformed Historical Theology 48
    ISBN 13: 978-3-525-55281-0

B. Hoon Woo supplements and corrects previous studies on the Reformed doctrine of the pactum salutis. He gives satisfactory answers to modern criticisms of the doctrine and also shows that the doctrine includes very highly useful implications in relation to the doctrine of the Trinity, Christology, Pneumatology, and soteriology.

The Bible in the Arts

The second volume of the free online journal “Die Bibel in der Kunst (BiKu) / Bible in the Arts (BiA)” has just been published: http://www.bibelwissenschaft.de/die-bibel-in-der-kunst/.