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The Most Depressing Sentence I’ve Read in a Long Time

On the other hand, Wright seems correct when he notes that “the question of eating with Gentiles was not an issue which the meeting left undecided.”  –  Christoph Heilig ‘Wright seems correct…’  Excuse me, I have to go weep now.  … Continue reading

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Lock Her Up!!!

If you aren’t screeching ‘lock her up’ now but you did about Hillary Clinton, you, miss, are a hypocrite.  Period.

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But Why? We Have the REB

I just…

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Boy finds gun under father’s pillow, shoots himself

The father should be arrested.  He is guilty. Police in Georgia say a 2-year-old boy who found a handgun under his father’s pillow has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the boy died Thursday after walking into … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Whenever, therefore, those things present themselves to us which would lead us away from resting in God alone, let us make use of this sentiment as an antidote against them, that we have sufficient cause for being contented, since he … Continue reading

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Was hat Jesus in den Sand geschrieben?

Um es vorweg zu sagen: Eckhard Nordhofen ist mit seinem Buch «Corpora. Die anarchische Kraft des Monotheismus» eine kleine Sensation gelungen. Er erzählt die Geschichte des Monotheismus als Mediengeschichte. Vom Bild über die Schrift zum Körper. Das sind die Stationen, … Continue reading

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Simon Gathercole at the Ecole Biblique on the ‘Gospel of Peter’

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Handbook of European History, 1400-1600

The Handbook of European History 1400-1600 brings together the best scholarship into an array of topical chapters that present current knowledge and thinking in ways useful to the specialist and accessible to students and to the educated non-specialist. Forty-one leading scholars in … Continue reading

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Richard Bauckham Lectures in Jerusalem

Hopefully this will appear on the Ecole Biblique’s youtube channel in due course:

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I Bet That Advert Ran in BAR in the 80’s…

It sure looks like something that would have-

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Just Stop It

Stop distorting the Bible to make a buck.

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Um, That Would Be Jodi Magness…

Reminder- if you’re going to take photos with folk, it’s a good idea to know their name…  And don’t be this guy (from last year)- #EpicNameFail

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Interview with Jörg Frey by Mike Bird

Read it here.  Great stuff.

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