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Kids Are Setting Themselves on Fire… To Get ‘Likes’… On Social Media

That’s how daft people are today. The latest internet craze ‘The Fire Challenge’ is risking the lives of youngsters who’re ending up in hospital with serious burns after setting themselves on fire for social media ‘likes’.  Hospital bosses have said the children are setting themselves on fire … Continue reading

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Hoarding: The Perfect Analogy for Sin

If you want to know what sin is, and does, then there’s no better analogy than hoarding. The hoarder is the sinner and the hoard are sins. And just as the hoard destroys the hoarder and the lives in the … Continue reading

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Reminder: Forcing Your Kids to Hug Sends Them a Very Dangerous Message

Be sure to give this essay a read.  It doesn’t just apply to girls, it applies to boys too.

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