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I’m Gutted

The multiple very frustrating delays today which ended up in cancellation of the flight have left me utterly crushed with disappointment.

Rebooking tomorrow makes no sense given the impending snow Denver is expecting and honestly I can’t take another day like today. Arriving Sunday makes no sense as I would have half a day Sunday (if that) and a day Monday and that would be it. I have to return Tuesday for Thanksgiving Services Wednesday.

I’ll miss all there, and hope to see you next year in San Diego. Enjoy the snacks my paid registration provided… I won’t be seeing that again…



And The Excuses and Delays Continue

United’s Absurdity

And Now @United has Delayed the Flight to 4:30

What utter incompetence.

Now Delayed Till 3 PM…

United… what absurdity.

Why Is My Flight Delayed 4 Hours?

Here are the tracking details of the flight now delayed four hours today.

Last night the plane assigned this route left Denver and was early landing here in Knoxville.

According to United, this very plane was supposed to remain in Knoxville and be used to carry us to Denver this morning. But That’s not what happened. Instead, it was rerouted this morning to Louisville- who knows why.

Arriving there 40 minutes late, it also was scheduled to depart late. And late got really late:

Forty minutes turned into two hours. So the plane still hasn’t left Louisville so naturally it can’t leave here for Denver until it gets back down here… But wait- a new reason for the now four hour delay: Technical trouble… But if there’s technical trouble in Louisville then why are passengers in Louisville being told the delay departure there is simply because of an earlier delay?

The tech delay seems a pretty silly excuse for what is probably poor planning. A flight from Knoxville to Louisville this morning needed a plane so our plane, the plane to Denver, was nicked. This caused delays to Louisville and more delays there caused more delays here.

United needs to get more planes. So they can fly the routes we all have paid for and not inconvenience everyone but themselves.

A Victory for America

And a defeat for the outrageous tyranny of the White House. We have no kings here.

Waiting… Delays Stink…

Especially for the hyper-organized punctual sort…

St. Barth

The canonization of Karl Barth is complete.

Brunner was a better theologian and many others were more resistant to Naziism. Barth was expelled from the country and watched the horror from the safe sidelines of Basel whilst the likes of Martin Niemöller actually led the resistance.

St. Barth is a paper saint.

The Journey Begins… Oops- Not Quite…

That’s not at all disheartening… For some reason the plane that was supposed to arrive last night from Denver didn’t stay overnight like it was scheduled to. So now the plane is coming from Kentucky. Late. Ugh.