The SBL Annual Meeting, Instagram, and a Photo Contest

Well this should be a lot of fun!  First, the Annual Meeting is on Instagram.  AND- there’s a photo contest!

Photo Contest

1. Take a photo of the Exhibit Hall Entrance, Annual Meetings Tote Bag, Annual Meetings signage, or Program Book.

Okie dokie!

2. Take a photo with your favorite session author, presenter, or panelist.

So, of myself.  Will do!

3. Take a photo of you buying a book.

Can it be of me being given one or do I actually have to buy one with money?

4. Take a photo of your favorite Denver meal.

15 a day to choose from on that one.

5. Networking matters. Introduce yourself to someone new and snap a selfie.

I know everyone who is anyone but maybe I’ll find some lowly grad kid and have them pay me to be in a pic with me.

6. Take a photo of your favorite Denver landmark.

I do the touristy thing when I’m not in the book hall.  So will do.

7. Take a selfie at a Sponsor’s booth (for a list of sponsors see your Annual Meeting Program Book).

I don’t know… this one might be a challenge.

8. Take a selfie with the Big Blue Bear.

Erm……  So have you roomed with Chris Tilling too?

9.  Take a shoefie (photo of your shoes) with your favorite convention center or hotel carpet.

I will do!

10. For bonus points, find the Instagram photo spot (you’ll recognize the hashtag #sblaar18) in front of the exhibit hall and take a creative photo!

Consider it done.  I’m all in!  I’m 100% millennial when it comes to reasons to take the selfies.

About Jim

I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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