Five Takeaways from Septuaginta: A Reader’s Edition

She studies genocide! Can I help with that? I have some ideas….

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By Tirzah Frank, Editorial Assistant

Ordinarily, I’d write this post about how the Septuagint is important, how the reader’s edition will help students of New Testament Greek expand their Koine horizons, and how excited I personally am for this opportunity to explore more Greek. However, Ross and Lanier have been doing a great job covering the first two, so I’m going to focus on the third. I’ve chosen a brief passage to tackle and discuss. (Is this a poorly disguised excuse to read the Septuagint at work? Maybe.) Lest you think I have an advantage from working on this book, let me be clear: I never got to actually read it. The headings, running heads, apparatus, introduction, and glossary, yes. But not the text.

Selecting the Passage 

In their Q&A, Ross and Lanier suggested the Pentateuch, the Historical Books, and Psalms as ideal places for students of…

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