More Evidence that ‘Evangelicals’ Are Anything But Christians

The Family Federation for a Heavenly USA (aka the Unification Church) has added worship artist Israel Houghton to the lineup of high profile Christians who will help evangelize New Yorkers for self-described True Mother and the only begotten daughter of God, Hak Ja Han Moon.

Let me simplify- Evangelicals are supporting the Moonies who are teaching that Jesus was a failure and that the Daughter of God, Ms Moon, is the true path of salvation.

These Evangelicals are not Christians. Period. Full stop.

Houghton joins Hezekiah Walker, Yolanda Adams and Bishop Noel Jones as self-proclaimed Christian performers/speakers at an event which Moon’s followers hope will help establish her as a mainstream religious figure. She and her followers claim that Jesus failed in his mission by being crucified. In the modern era, her husband was the fulfillment of the Messianic promises and she is the daughter of God and only through she and her husband — True Parents — is their hope for reunion with God.

They are not Christians, these Evangelicals.