Nicholas Cop’s Address and Calvin With Some Sheets…

Calvin’s friend Nicolas Cop had been elected rector of the University of Paris, and was to deliver his inaugural oration on All Saints’ day, November 1, 1533. At his request Calvin prepared his oration. This oration was at once an attack on the scholastic theologians of the day as sophists and obscurantists, and a plea for a reformation on a New Testament basis. Both the Sorbonne and the Parliament regarded this academic oration as an attack on the church. In consequence both Cop and Calvin were forced to flee. Calvin is said to have escaped in the garb of a vine-dresser with a hoe on his shoulder, after having been let down from a window by the use of sheets.*

You can read Cop’s address in Bd 1 of the Calvin studienausgabe.

*Thomas Cary Johnson, John Calvin and The Genevan Reformation: A Sketch. (Richmond, VA: The Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1900), 19.

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