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People Who Like Bonhoeffer Don’t Read Bonhoeffer

  • Person: why don’t you like bonhoeffer.
  • Me: because i’ve read bonhoeffer.  
  • Person: i like him.
  • Me: which of his books have you read?
  • Person: i don’t know the name of it.
  • Me: and that’s why you like him.

The Firing of Megyn Kelly is Peak Absurdity

It’s ridiculous. It’s really ridiculous.  Sure, it was a stupid thing for her to say. And sure, they should have made her attend some sort of sensitivity training.

But we’re crucifying people because they don’t know things. How is that right?  How is that fair? How is that just? We’ve gone stark raving mad in our blood lust of vengeance and we will all rue the day. Because one day we will all show that we don’t know how others feel about some particular something and our lives will be destroyed too.

Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News host and current “Today” show host, is reportedly departing NBC after making controversial comments about blackface during a segment this week.

Run and hide, friends.  Or don’t speak.  Someone will be triggered, you will be excoriated instead of being talked to like a human being, and your life will be ruined.

What madness.


Luther Valued Melanchthon’s ‘Apology of the Augsburg Confession’ Above All the Fathers

Origen I have already banned. I have no use for Chrysostom either, for he is only a gossip. Basil doesn’t amount to anything; he was a monk after all, and I wouldn’t give a penny for him. Philip’s apology is superior to all the doctors of the church, even to Augustine himself.  — Martin Luther

As the kids say-  #Bam.

This is Why American’s Should Stop Talking about Theology

Why, you ask?  Because they don’t know a thing about it.  Not a thing.  About it.  Or God.

One-quarter (25%) of Americans believe God plays a role in determining the outcome of sporting events. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the public disagree. There are significant disagreements among Americans about the role that God plays in sports by religious background.

White evangelical Protestants and non-white Protestants are more likely to see the hand of God in the outcome of sporting events than any other religious group. Approximately four in ten (41%) non-white Protestants and more than one-third (36%) of white evangelical Protestants believe God plays a role in determining which team wins. Fewer white mainline Protestants (25%), Catholics (25%), and religiously unaffiliated Americans (9%) believe God plays a role in determining outcomes on the field.

Nearly half (49%) of the public believes God rewards athletes who have faith with good health and success; about as many (47%) disagree. Strong differences of opinion are evident between Americans of different religious affiliations.

Non-white Protestants (65%), white evangelical Protestants (62%), and white mainline Protestants (59%) are more likely than Catholics (48%) and religiously unaffiliated Americans (29%) to believe God rewards faithful athletes with success and good health.

My theology Prof in College hit the nail on the head when he derisively remarked ‘God doesn’t care who wins a ball game’.  And.  He.  Doesn’t.  So, American theological dilettantes, stop pretending to be theologians.  You’re really awful at it.  Really just awful.

Jesus’ Female Disciples

This is very exciting!!!!

Stay tuned- when it posts I’ll pass it along.

The Best Analysis of the Museum of the Bible Fake Scrolls Fiasco

My paper on Dead Sea scroll forgeries in the Museum of the Bible has been published in The Conversation France.

You can read it on The Conversation (with better formatting) or here:

Le 22 octobre 2018, le très controversé Musée de la Bible, à Washington, annonçait le retrait de cinq manuscrits jugés contrefaits. Qu’en est-il réellement ? D’où viennent ces fragments et comment sont-ils arrivés là ? Serait-ce l’arnaque du siècle ? Explications.

Le Musée de la Bible a ouvert ses portes il y a moins d’un an, le 17 novembre 2017, en plein cœur de la capitale américaine. Un bâtiment de 40 000 m2 sur huit étages entièrement consacré à la Bible et à son histoire, proposant entrée gratuite et animations dignes de studios hollywoodiens : qui donc est à l’origine de ce projet pharaonique ? Un milliardaire nommé Steve Green, patron de la chaîne de magasins Hobby Lobby. Fervent chrétien évangélique, petit-fils de pasteur pentecôtiste, il consacre sa fortune à l’apologie de la foi et de la Bible. Celle-ci est, selon lui, parole de Dieu, exempte d’erreur, autorité ultime et infaillible en matière de foi et de mœurs. Il entreprend de faire l’acquisition des plus anciens manuscrits de la Bible afin de démontrer la constance et la fiabilité des saintes Écritures à travers les millénaires.

Etc.  It’s the best analysis of the situation.

My Current Mood Is…

To The Proponents of Theological Ignorance and Amateurism

millerI recommend that you get a copy of this book from your library on interlibrary loan, or spring for a copy if you are so inclined, and read it.  There is no better explanation of the astonishing phenomenon of theological ignorance and amateurism which go hand in hand with the fundamentalistic anti-intellectualism so rampant in America.

Our dear author explains where biblical studies dilettantism came from and why it has prospered so in these United States.  It’s a brilliant historical study.  Indeed, it is one of the best historical studies ever yet written.

On the Anniversary of His Birth…

Fritz Schmidt-Clausing (courtesy Peter Opitz)

I think I’ll mention a scholar who though virtually unknown today outside of very specialized circles, made tremendous contributions to the study of the 16th century, the Reformation, and in particular, to Zwingli studies: Fritz Schmidt-Clausing.

S-C was born on the 25th of October in 1902. He wrote voluminously and contributed both to the critical edition of Zwingli’s works and to Zwingli studies with, primarily, his works on Zwingli’s humor (which I translated a few years back) and Zwingli’s theology of liturgy.

Years back a very fine essay was written in commemoration of S-C and published in the Zeitschrift Zwingliana.

Lest we forget…

Quote of the Day: Or, Why Was Calvin so Contentious?

I see a sect the most execrable and pernicious that ever was in the world. I see that it does much harm, and is like a fire kindled for the general desolation and destruction, or as a contagious disease to infect the whole earth, unless some remedy is applied. Since, then, our Lord has called me to that office, my conscience constrains me to resist it so far as it is possible for me. — John Calvin