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Jerusalem Has Nothing in Common With Athens

So if you read the Bible through philosophical lenses, you’re doing it wrong. And if you do theology like it’s philosophy, you should avoid doing theology altogether and stick with philosophy, since that’s all you’re really doing anyway.

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A Forthcoming Volume Of Interest

This volume explores the inherent pluralism of the Reformation and its manifold legacies from an ecumenical and interdisciplinary point of view. The essays shed new light on several key questions: How do we interpret and assess the Reformation as a … Continue reading

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The Republican Candidate for Governor of Georgia Caught on Audio Tape

@JamilSmith — Audio leaked to @RollingStone reveals @BrianKempGA telling attendees at a closed-door campaign event that @staceyabrams’s voter turnout operation “continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote.” Read my report. rol.st/2EEFm65 Brian Kemp … Continue reading

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How Russia is Running its 2018 Midterm Campaign of Disinformation

Read this. It’s by NPR. Pay attention.

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A Little Video About Peter’s New Book

Can We Trust the Gospels? Ad from Crossway on Vimeo.

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Oh So Now the Times of Israel is Suddenly Interested in Ethics…

The Times of Israel, which regularly pumps up any artifact it deems helpful to Israeli political causes, is suddenly concerned about the ethics of promoting fake Dead Sea Scrolls… The clock is ticking as potential forgeries’ content increasingly skews and … Continue reading

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If It’s In Scripture, We Shouldn’t be Afraid to Mention It

Sometimes preachers are afraid (or at least hesitant) to reference certain texts of Scripture because they want to avoid appearing to be self-serving.  These include, but are not limited to the following: Obey your pastoral leaders and submit to them, … Continue reading

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So steady all weary hands and trembling knees and make your crooked paths straight; then the injured limb will not be maimed, it will get better instead.  Seek peace with all people, and the holiness without which no one can ever see … Continue reading

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Fellowship Opportunities at the Meeter Center

Fellowship opportunities at the Meeter Center Graduate students, faculty, independent scholars, and pastors working on research topics related to John Calvin, Calvinism, and the Reformation are invited to apply for short-term research fellowships from the Meeter Center for Calvin Studies … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz, S.S.

That’s spineless sycophant.  Have you ever seen a weaker, sadder, more pathetic simpering quisling toady in your life?  Texas should be ashamed to call him their Senator and Canada should be ashamed for bringing him into the world.

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Because Having a Gun in Your Car Keeps You Safe, Right?

A 10 year old is has been shot in the head.  Because her brother shot her.  In the car.  While dad was in a store.  Because dad left his loaded gun in the car.  And the boy found it.  And … Continue reading

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Broad is the Way that Leads to Destruction…

And many travel it-

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