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He Was Trying to Kill His Son With A Chainsaw, So God Sent A Lawnmower to Run Him Over

A man who police say was run over with a lawn mower while trying to kill his son with a chain saw has had to have his leg amputated. The Bristol Herald Courier reports that a warrant for 76-year-old Douglas Ferguson couldn’t be served until Tuesday because of the severity of his injuries.

According to a Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office release, officers called to a home June 28 found Ferguson bleeding from his leg and head. A preliminary investigation indicated he had tried to attack his son with a running chain saw while he son mowed the yard. Detectives say the father and son had an ongoing feud.

Welcome to instant justice.

No. Not Now, Not Ever. Eternally No

KCL and a New Video

Signs of the Times

I agree.  Let’s do it.

The Magdalene in the Reformation

Prostitute, apostle, evangelist—the conversion of Mary Magdalene from sinner to saint is one of the Christian tradition’s most compelling stories, and one of the most controversial. The identity of the woman—or, more likely, women—represented by this iconic figure has been the subject of dispute since the Church’s earliest days. Much less appreciated is the critical role the Magdalene played in remaking modern Christianity.

In a vivid recreation of the Catholic and Protestant cultures that emerged in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, The Magdalene in the Reformationreveals that the Magdalene inspired a devoted following among those eager to find new ways to relate to God and the Church. In popular piety, liturgy, and preaching, as well as in education and the arts, the Magdalene tradition provided both Catholics and Protestants with the flexibility to address the growing need for reform. Margaret Arnold shows that as the medieval separation between clergy and laity weakened, the Magdalene represented a new kind of discipleship for men and women and offered alternative paths for practicing a Christian life.

Where many have seen two separate religious groups with conflicting preoccupations, Arnold sees Christians who were often engaged in a common dialogue about vocation, framed by the life of Mary Magdalene. Arnold disproves the idea that Protestants removed saints from their theology and teaching under reform. Rather, devotion to Mary Magdalene laid the foundation within Protestantism for the public ministry of women.

Reading Religion sent along a pre-publication proof back in August and I’ve mailed off my review today, so when they post it over there I’ll link here and update the timestamp.

A Stern Warning to The Saudis…

As criticism mounted over the country’s alleged role in the disappearance and possible death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Trump administration reportedly urged the leaders of Saudi Arabia Friday to stick to killing random Yemeni civilians. “The potential murder of a high-profile journalist critical of their regime raises grave concerns for us, and we appeal to the leaders of Saudi Arabia to restrict their extrajudicial murders to Yemeni people who don’t have any public platform,” said President Trump, adding that the White House would not sit idly by as the Saudis caused the deaths of innocent people unless they were Yemeni children in a school bus or a group of Yemeni people attending a wedding.

“The United States asks Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to content himself with killings that don’t affect business deals or call our diplomatic ties into question, such as airstrikes on Yemeni infrastructure, fueling mass cholera outbreaks, or blocking food and medical supplies from reaching civilians. Look, we don’t even mind if you dismember and murder people inside the Turkish consulate, as long as they’re unknown Yemenis whose deaths won’t cause an international scandal. For the sake of all parties, we demand that the Saudis only kill people who hardly anyone in America cares about.” At press time, several major U.S. newspapers had published editorials praising the Trump administration for its tough stance on Saudi Arabia.

The Archive for Reformation Research has a New Website

Randall Zachmann writes

The new ARG web site is finally available on-line, at sites.nd.edu/archive-for-reformation-history/.

I’ve added it under the ‘Professional Societies’ segment of the nav panel.

I’m Not God…

“God,” said Luther, “is patient, long-suffering, and merciful, in that He can keep silence, and can suffer so long the most wicked wretches to go unpunished; I could not do so,” said Luther. — Luther’s Table Talk



Waiting in a coffee shopswimming, barbecuing — just a few recent examples of unremarkable activities that turned into headlines after the black people engaging in them had the police called on them. Now add babysitting to the list.

On Sunday, Corey Lewis was watching two children when they went to a Walmart in Marietta, Ga., where they got some food, then stopped at a gas station to fill up the car. A woman followed them and approached, asking to speak to the children, Lewis said; he refused. She trailed them until Lewis reached his mother’s home. Lewis said he knew why. “Because I got two kids with me that don’t look like me,” he said.  Lewis is black; the children are white. The woman ended up calling the police.

STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Money is your ‘god’…

You place more value on it than you do human lives.

Eric Metaxas is the Kanye of Fake Historians

An unstable narcissist.