Bad Things Happen to Sermon Skippers…

11 Oct

As Calvin demonstrates pretty convincingly as he tries to warn people about attempting it-

An individual during the time of sermon on the Lord’s day went into a wine shop to drink; by chance he fell on his sword that had slipped out of its scabbard and was carried out in a dying state. Another in the month of September last, on a day in which the sacrament of the Lord’s supper was administered, as he was secretly attempting while intoxicated to creep through a window to get to a strumpet, had his bones broken in several places by a terrible fall.

At last I said in conclusion, “Till hell swallow you up with all your houses, you will not give faith to God when he stretches forth his hand.” I perceived that my zeal gave no great pleasure to a good many, because they would not be willingly wakened from their lethargy. For you can scarcely believe how torpid the conscience of many is, who seem puffed up to the skies. The greater part of them fear disgrace to the city; a few of them, to our doctrine; but all of them quite foolishly. For what more glorious for us than this notable vengeance of God against the despisers of our doctrine?

Or, in short, skip Calvin’s sermon and you’ll really regret it.  A lot.

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