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Wow, John MacArthur Knows Nothing About Biblical Scholarship

This is some pretty appalling ignorance. Anyone holding these opinions would fail any Intro course on either the New Testament or Textual Criticism.

MacArthur should clearly not be allowed to talk about the Bible.

It’s SBL Buzzword Announcement Time

Please take note that all papers delivered at the annual meeting of SBL must include at least one of the following:

  • masculinity
  • toxic masculinity
  • white privilege
  • patriarchy (not Patriarchs- they no longer exist – being myths created by the patriarchy)
  • feminist perspective
  • womanist
  • womanism

If your paper does not include at least a few of these, please expect to be denounced as ‘patriarchal’ and profoundly guilty of exercising your ‘white privilege’ (which you, sad dolt that you are, don’t even know you’re a beneficiary of).*

* Calm down. It’s just jesting mockery intended to point out the true fact that every year at SBL papers always adopt a buzzword…

Archaeology Once Again Proves the Entire Bible… Or At Least That’s What Someone in BAR Will Say

The unique inscription from Jerusalem as it was found in the excavation.

For sensible people, however, what the inscription proves is that people used Hebrew script and could spell the word Jerusalem during the Second Temple Period.  Impressive, isn’t it…

Still True

They hate the one who convicts the guilty at the city gate, and they despise the one who speaks with integrity.  Therefore, because you trample on the poor and exact a grain tax from him, you will never live in the houses of cut stone you have built; you will never drink the wine from the lush vineyards you have planted.  For I know your crimes are many and your sins innumerable. They oppress the righteous, take a bribe, and deprive the poor of justice at the city gates.  Therefore, those who have insight will keep silent at such a time, for the days are evil.  Pursue good and not evil so that you may live, and the LORD, the God of Armies, will be with you as you have claimed.  Hate evil and love good; establish justice in the city gate. (Amos 5:10-15)

The Tentative Title is ‘Jeremiah in History and Tradition’ And It Will Be Published by Taylor and Francis in the Copenhagen International Seminar Series

And, I’m very pleased to report, that the contract has been signed this very day.

The contributors for the volume are a star studded who’s who of Jeremiah scholars whilst I myself serve as but the lowly editor (with an introductory chapter and a concluding look forward).  I am super excited about this work, especially given the fact that the external reviewers (or at least 2 of the 3) were very, very positive in their assessments (and curse you, reviewer #2… ).

I hope that you’ll have it in your warm little hands by the Spring of 2019.  Stay tuned.

Quote of the Day

“There’s nothing clearer, nothing simpler than the truth, if we deal not wickedly; just as (on the other hand) if we deal wickedly, nothing is more difficult” – St. John Chrysostom

No Matter Which Party You Support, You’re Supporting Self Serving Reprobates

I Think Journal Specialization Is Getting Out of Hand…

Signs of the Times



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