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Judgment Has Come

America has received the due recompense it deserves for its rebellion and God has given us the politicians that we deserve so richly.  Every politician in this country reflects the basest of values and embodies the immorality of greed and selfishness, just like most Americans.  They represent America because they, sadly and pathetically, represent most Americans.

Indeed, if you want to see what most Americans look like just watch Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Diane Feinstein, and Brett Kavanaugh.  They are America.

Consequently, we are reaping what we have sown.  And it’s all downhill from here.  Judgment has begun, but it is by no means done.


Any so called faith leader that didn’t call him out for it is as depraved as the strip clubowner.

Signs of the Times

Don’t Be Deceived about the GOP

The @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP are nothing but hypocrites.   Make no mistake, it was never about family values or morals or conservative values, it was always about tax breaks for the rich and corporate welfare for their business buddies to ensure plum lobbying jobs after they get out of office.

The GOP has become the party of the greedy selfish.

The Struggle is Real

IOSOT Call For Papers

The International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament has posted its call for papers for the meeting to be hosted by the University of Aberdeen on August 4–9 2019. Of course, the meetings for IOSCS, IOQS, IOMS, and ISLP happen concurrently as part of this larger meeting. For general information, see the main page here. To submit a paper proposal, click here.

And more, here.

The Chief Mistake Biblical Scholars and Theologians Have Made For the Last Century…

Is letting dilettantes opine without holding them publicly accountable for what they’ve said wrongly.

It is exactly that which has filled our world with pseudo-experts on Scripture and Theology; people who actually believe, in their hearts, that their opinions matter in spite of the fact that they are baseless and senseless and worst of all, ignorant and plain wrong.

Your silence, scholars, has opened Pandora’s ignorant box.  And now the world is flooded with theological and biblical stupidity.