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Once More, For the Kids in the Back Who Aren’t Paying Attention

The only one you need to listen to regarding texts and topics is the Holy Spirit.  If you take directions from some parachurch hoidy toidies you should go ahead and get out of ministry right now. Don’t you dare let … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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This is What Happens When Theological Ignoramuses and Exegetical Dilettantes Lay Hands on Scripture

No– on every level.   No, you do not have the right to ‘discipline’ your wife.  She is your partner, your equal, not your child.  The Bible gives you no such power and theological accuracy demands you think otherwise than … Continue reading

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New from TVZ

Ein Dutzend «normale» Frauen und Männer, jüngere und ältere, kirchennahe und kirchenferne, Katholik/-innen und Protestant/-innen, haben zusammen mit dem bekannten Schweizer Neutestamentler Ulrich Luz das Neue Testament gelesen und ihre kritischen Fragen und Einwände an seine Textentwürfe gestellt. Entstanden ist … Continue reading

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The Book of Jeremiah: Composition, Reception, and Interpretation

New from Brill, and sent for review: Written by leading experts in the field, The Book of Jeremiah: Composition, Reception, and Interpretation offers a wide-ranging treatment of the main aspects of Jeremiah. Its twenty-four essays fall under four main sections. The first … Continue reading

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Uplifting Thoughts from Luther

Let this generation of vipers prepare itself for unquenchable fire!  — Martin Luther

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Quote of the Week

‘Constructive criticism irritates me. I don’t object to being denounced, but I can’t abide being school-mastered by men I regard as imbeciles.’ – H.L. Mencken

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