Belinda addresses Democrats & Veterans Party conference

It’s hard to know where to start with this nutbaggery. I’m sad for Britain.


Many thanks to the kind anonymous reader who sent us this gem: an unlisted video of Belinda McKenzie’s closing address at the recent party conference of the Diarrhoea and Vomiting Democrats and Veterans Party, held 14–15 September in Barnsley.

We recently noted Belinda’s presence at the conference, as she introduced ex-police officer Jon Wedger to the podium. At that time we wondered what role, if any, Belinda was playing in the newly spawned party; in this video she (more or less) explains all.

The video is a veritable cavalcade of jaw-droppery.

‘A political party with real teeth’

What I particularly liked [about the D&V Party] were two things: direct democracy, and the other one is the fighting element of this party. Because I regard us as at war. I’m at war, anyway. And I’m fighting for the children, and our future. And so we need a political party with…

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