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Some of them are Good People…


Texas is a Backwater of Ignorance

The kids are fed lies in school and the populace is so bereft of decency and sense that it elects the likes of Tex Cruz to represent it in DC.

Texas is an intellectual toilet.

High school textbooks in Texas have blamed the Arab world for its conflict with Israel — and they will continue to do so following a review of the state’s public school curriculum.

The Texas State Board of Education voted on Friday to keep a social studies requirement that high school students learn that “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict” in the section on “the rise of independence movements in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia and reasons for ongoing conflicts,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

Volunteer work groups made recommendations to the board, which each year discusses and debates new classroom standards for the 5.4 million schoolchildren in Texas. Its members, now five Democrats and 10 Republicans, are elected to four-year terms and represent specific geographic areas of the state, the newspaper reported.

The board can amend the curriculum changes voted on Friday before taking a final vote in November.

Also, the board voted to amend the U.S. Government high school curriculum by reinserting references to “Judeo-Christian (especially biblical law)” in the section on “major intellectual, philosophical, political, and religious traditions that informed the American founding, “and reinserting the biblical figure of Moses and remove Thomas Hobbes from the section on “individuals whose principles of laws and government institutions informed the American founding.”

In the high school World History section, the board voted to reinsert a reference to “the Judeo-Christian legal tradition” in the section on “the development of democratic-republican government from its beginnings.”

Etc.  An intellectual toilet.

It’s True

“Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals. Come to your senses and stop sinning; for some people are ignorant about God. I say this to your shame.” (1 Cor. 15:33-34)

Friedrich der Weise und das Jahr 1518 – Die Aktivitäten des sächsischen Kurfürsten im Spiegel seiner Korrespondenz

This is a good one!  Do give it a read.

Signs of the Times

Reagan’s GOP is dead.