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When You Get a Tip of the Hat From Luther, It’s a Good Day

This Weatherman Feigning Struggle is Every Emergent ‘Preacher’

A farce…

Paige Patterson Is An Evil, Evil Man; and His Enablers are Just as Evil

Disgraced Baptist leader Paige Patterson body-shames a woman in his return to the pulpit

No one should be surprised. He is the sort of evil that must be driven out by Christ himself.

After being fired in May from his post as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for a history of misogynistic comments and mishandling of sex abuse allegations, Patterson returned to the pulpit this week to offer a pair of sermons at a revival in Pisgah, Ala. But rather than offer a statement of humble contrition, the 75-year-old Southern Baptist leader body-shamed an unnamed woman and decried women who falsely accuse men of sexual misconduct.

In his first of two sermons, Patterson told a story of evangelizing a former church member’s mother whom he wanted to meet after being told she “could whip” him. Upon visiting her for the first time, his parishioner’s mother didn’t knock him out but, according to Patterson, “she filled the door.” After being invited into her home, Patterson said he was finally able to persuade the woman to convert to Christianity, and when she came to his church for baptism, he joked, they had to “fill the baptistery half full.”

The crowd erupted in laughter.

Laughing at that? Sick.  If you think that’s funny you have not Christ, but a demon.  Patterson is an evil, evil man.  So are those who enable him.

Inspirational Quote of the Day

“If the laws which have been issued here are so fearsome to us that we are led away from depraved actions, much more is the thought of things to come: unending torture [and] eternal punishment. If the fear of a worldly king dissuades us from so many evils, how much greater would be the fear of an eternal king? How could we assiduously have such fear? By constantly listening to scripture. For if a dead person (even if he merely seems that way) could repress our spirit so much, how much more would Gehenna and the fire that cannot be put out. If we always think of Gehenna, we won’t plunge headlong into it.” —  Jeremias Drexel, SJ, 1631

Town Fun at the Fall Festival

Pope Francis and his Summit on Pretending The Church is Doing Something About Abuse

Pope Francis has called the presidents from bishops conferences around the world for a February summit to discuss how to better look like they are doing something about preventing clergy sex abuse.

The summit of the presidents signals a realization that the laity do not believe that those in the highest levels of the Church are doing anything to combat clergy sex abuse.

“We are faced with a grave situation in the Church today,” Pope Francis said in a letter to bishops. “People do not believe us. This is bad—very, very bad. We must come together in a spirit of brotherhood to discuss different ways and tactics that we can begin to implement so that we may better shift blame away from the Church. And with this, we will better be able to go on doing nothing.”

Pope Francis went on to write, asking all those attending the summit to each come up with two or three different ideas that he can use when the pressure from the laity and journalists get to him.

“I will give you an example,” he wrote. “A couple weeks ago there was much pressure on me to answer questions about the Vigano claim. I simply began to talk about plastic straws and voilà, the pressure was off of me for at least a day. If we can all have a number of these misdirection at our disposal, it will be better than having to come up with something off-the-cuff, or worse yet, actually answering the questions, God forbid.”

The summit has already been called a “wild success” by many inside the Vatican, though it has yet to take place.

“It was a success from the moment the Pope called for it,” one insider told EOTT. “Remember, it’s not what happens during the summit, but the fact that he called one that matters. People will look and say, ‘finally, they are doing something.’”



Or you may die.  Or imperil your life and the lives of first responders.  Stop being jerks and just evacuate when advised to do so.

#ICYMI – Peter Opitz on the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Reformation

This is a wonderful interview with an absolutely brilliant scholar.  It includes this Q and A-

Mit Zwingli und Calvin hatte die Schweiz ihre eigenen Reformatoren. Aber sie waren inspiriert von Luthers Vorarbeit.

Es gab viele wichtige Reformatoren, deren Namen heute leider oft vergessen sind. Heinrich Bullinger zum Beispiel war Mitte des 16. Jahrhunderts in ganz Europa die wichtigste Person für den reformierten Protestantismus, wichtiger als Calvin, der erst später relevant wurde. Zweifellos aber gab Luther den Startschuss und prägte mit seinen Schriften die Anfänge der Reformation. Viele seiner Gedanken wurden schon früher geäussert, aber während man manche seiner Vorgänger einfach als Ketzer verbrannt hat, war Luther zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort und erhielt die nötige Unterstützung. Die Schweizer Reformatoren haben seine Schriften gelesen, sind aber ihre eigenen Wege gegangen.

Read the whole.

Mallei Hereticorum…

“It is not enough for the ministers of the gospel to have devoured many books of learning, to be able to decide polemical questions in divinity, to convince gainsayers, to be doctors angelical, subtle or profound: to be mallei hereticorum—the hammers of heretics.

Unless also they have the experimental works of God’s Spirit upon their own souls, they are not able to apply themselves to the hearts of others. Paul had not been able to comfort others, if the Lord had not practically acquainted him with heavenly consolations.” — Burgesse