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Have fun with that, Skippy…

If You Want to Help The Victims of Florence…

Do it. But don’t draw attention to yourself like various churches already are so that they can be on TV.

Listen to Jesus- “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,” – Mt 6:3.

If you need help understanding what that means, just ask. Just a hint- it does not mean calling everyone you can and telling them.

Did They Find Thecla Or Priscilla’s Skull?

And when they finish their facial reconstruction will we know what Thecla or Priscilla or any number of the women who aided and assisted Paul looked like?   No way to know; and no.  But by giminy that won’t stop BAR and the 700 Club and the other sketchy outlets of archaeological data from touting the discovery and making outrageous claims.

Just watch for it.

A woman buried at St Paul’s Catacombs almost 2,000 years ago is to be ‘brought back to life’ thanks to expert facial reconstruction techniques which will bring visitors face-to-face with an ancient local resident. Eventually, this facial reconstruction will form part of the site’s permanent display, Heritage Malta explained in a statement.   The woman’s skeleton was discovered during archaeological excavations beneath the catacombs’ new visitor centre and was chosen for reconstruction as her skull was the only one found with a complete jaw.

She is believed to have been between 18 and 27 and roughly 145cm tall when she died.  Studies on the bones indicate that although the woman must have had a reasonably healthy childhood, she was already suffering from degenerative joint disease, possibly due to mechanical work.

Osteoarchaeologist and forensic anthropologist Roberto Micciche, Adjunct of Anthropology at the University of Palermo, together with forensic anthropologist Daniele Di Lorenzo are carrying out reconstruction work. The project forms part of the post-excavation studies of the archaeological excavations held at St Paul’s Catacombs.

I’m literally giddy in anticipation at what the sensationalists are going to do to this story.  Can’t wait!

Let the fun commence in 3….. 2…… 1……. GO!

The Only Direction Political ‘Evangelicals’ are Going is Down

A Confession

I despise insurance lobbyists and the lawmakers they own. They have killed more people than Hitler by insisting that doctors only act with their approval.

Leave medicine to doctors, you filthy money grubbing avaricious servants of Satan’s festering death festooned hell!

Learn Archaeology from Aren Maeir!

Check out the trailer for Aren’s MOOC (massive open online course) “Biblical Archaeology: The archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah,” which will be online from early December 2018 on the EdX platform.

The course will be the equivalent of a semester long course on the archaeology of Iron Age Israel and Judah. The course is open to all – and for a fee, one can receive a certificate from EdX or academic credit from Bar-Ilan University.

Check it out – and pass the word on to friends, colleagues and students – to sign up for the course as soon as registration is open!

More Than 3600 Children Have Been Molested by Priests in Catholic Germany

It never ends, the depravity.

More than 3,600 children, most age 13 or younger, were sexually abused by Catholic clergy members over the past seven decades, a wide-ranging report has found. The study, which was commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church bishops’ conference in Germany, found that at least 1,670 church workers had been involved in the abuse of 3,677 children. That is 4.4 percent of the clergy.

The study, conducted by researchers from three universities over more than four years, was an ambitious effort to understand the scale of the abuse — and how it could have been systematically covered up for so many decades. “We are aware of the extent of the sexual abuse that is supported by the results of the study,” said Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier. “It is depressing and shameful.”

‘Most age 13 or younger’….   ‘It is depressing and shameful’…  NO KIDDING.  All these priests from the pits of hell.  They’ll return thence one day.

Signs of the Times

Trump and Christie are already out helping Florence victims.  Take that, libtards….

#ICYMI- Why You Need to Learn Greek

Read this great post from Oxford.

Different cultures see the world differently, and the more languages you learn, the more of the world you are able to perceive. Learning New Testament Greek gives us a chance to step inside the shoes of the New Testament writers, to try to make sense of the world in their terms. The language is a puzzle – there are words and endings to be learned, and grammar to be understood, which all go together like a giant jigsaw, a black and white one which only gets coloured in once all the pieces are in the right order and you can see the whole picture. It gives you a different way of studying which can be a helpful break from and reflection on essay writing. It lets you read texts without relying entirely on someone else’s translation and interpretation.


Today is ‘Holy Cross Day’ across the globe.  It’s the day commemorating the ‘discovery’ of the ‘true cross’ by Helen in her little trip to the ‘Holy Land’…

So many bits of the ‘true cross’ were scattered across Europe that in the day of Calvin, in France, they were carried in processions and venerated by the faithful and treated with contempt by Calvin himself –

‘Here comes the true cross!’ Again there was a rushing and shouting, citizens and strangers crushing one another.—‘It is not the only one,’ said the reformer, ‘there is no petty town or paltry church where they do not show you pieces; and if all were collected together, there would be a load for a great barge, and three hundred men could not carry it.’

His biographer goes on to remark more fully

In 1544 he published a little treatise which he calls “An Admonition,” showing the advantages which Christendom might derive from an Inventory of Relics. It is one of his most popular productions and affords unlimited range for his powers of irony and sarcasm.

He begins by saying it would be a good thing to catalogue all the relics which are said to exist in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and other countries, and he suggests that as the monks have very little to do they might employ their time usefully in making such a catalogue. He himself has no complete knowledge, but he is aware that if all the relics throughout Christendom were catalogued, it would be seen that every apostle had four bodies at least, and every saint two or three. The relics of Christ are very numerous.

Besides the teeth and hair, the monks of Charrox give out that they have the piece of skin cut off at His circumcision. His natural blood is shown at a hundred places, sometimes in drops and sometimes in goblets-full. In Rome there is the manger in which He was laid at His birth, the linen in which He was swaddled, His cradle, and His shirt, and the altar on which He was presented in the temple. Elsewhere may be seen the waterpots of Cana, the wine with which they were filled, the bread used at the Last Supper, the dish in which the Paschal Lamb was placed, the knife with which it was cut up and the towel used to wipe the disciples’ feet. No less than fourteen nails are shown as the nails used in the crucifixion. What remains of the crown of thorns would make a substantial hedge, and what remains of the true cross would fill a ship.

The purple robe in which Christ was exhibited to the people is shown at two places. Relics of the saints are even more numerous. There are the milk of the Virgin Mary, the shoes of Joseph, the sword with which the Baptist was beheaded, and so on. Anna, mother of the Virgin, has one of her bodies at Apte in Provence, and another in the Church of St. Mary Insulan at Lyons. Besides, she has one of her hands at Treves, another at Turin, and a third at a town in Thuringia which takes its name from it. Lazarus likewise has three bodies, one at Marseilles, another at Austum, and a third at Avallon.

The entire body of Petronilla, St. Peter’s daughter, lies in the church at Rome dedicated to her father, but there are some separate remains in the Church of St. Barbara, and there is another of her bodies in the possession of the people of La Maine. It is alleged to cure fevers. What evidence can be produced to show which if any of these relics is genuine? At present you may be worshipping the bones of a horse or a dog when you believe that you are worshipping those of a saint. Nor can the ring and comb and girdle of the Virgin Mary be revered without the risk of discovering that the articles in question were really some part of the dress of a strumpet. For those who profess the name of Christ the best thing is to abolish the heathenish custom altogether as a thing that leads to idolatry and that is offensive to God.*

The absurdity of relic adoration is plain for all to see if they but have one good eye.

*Hugh Y. Reyburn, John Calvin: His Life, Letters, and Work (London; New York; Toronto: Hodder and Stoughton, 1914), 212–213.