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#ChurchToo Needs a Rethink

#ChurchToo needs to be rebranded or at least expanded to ‘the church did this to me too’- for pastors and their families damaged and attacked and ruined by the millions of American Christians who make ministry MISERABLE. #Churchtoo rightly laments harm done by clergy. What of harm done to clergy?

We angrily denounce the one or two clerics in a town who ruin lives, but where is the denunciation of the hundreds of Christians in towns who ruin clergy lives?


Let the Reader Understand

There are base spirits that can never feel obliged. – Matthew Henry

Why Are Non-Christians Unimpressed with Christianity?

Christians in America today-

90 outside and sitting on concrete slabs to watch a football game for 3-4 hours; no problem.

71 inside and sitting on padded pews for 45 minutes to worship God almighty; too hard.

That’s one of the reasons so many non Christians are unimpressed with Christianity.

If your faith doesn’t matter to you, how can it matter to anyone else?

Conservatives Are OK With Black People Protesting… As Long as they Do it At Home

The Bee nails it.

Local conservative man William Cody told reporters Friday that he’s OK with black people protesting perceived injustices in our society, as long as they do so quietly in their own homes.

Cody says he’s “passionate” about the right to peaceably assemble and protest, but he doesn’t want important things in his life like football games on TV to be disrupted by the demonstrations.

“Look, you can get out there and protest all you want. Knock yourselves out,” he told reporters as he watched highlights from last night’s NFL game. “But just do it somewhere that no one can see you—somewhere like in your living room, or maybe your basement. The attic’s great too, if you have one.”

“And try to keep it down,” he added. “Some people are trying to get on with their lives and ignore your problems.”

He further stated that the problem with protests like kneeling during the national anthem or marching down a city street is that it brings visibility to the problem black people are trying to bring visibility to. “I’m just sitting here watching football, and bam. Now I have to think about systemic injustice and oppression. Ugh.”

The Hallmark of a Tyrant…

Is that he or she can’t allow being mocked, lest people see said tyrant for what he is – farcical.

BNTC 2020

BNTC 2019

With AAR / SBL 2018 Approaching it’s Time to Get Your Uniform Purchased

As the annual meeting becomes ever more casual the powers that be at SBL and AAR have chosen this year’s uniform.  Behold:

Sandals, drawstring cotton skorts, and white t-shirts will be required for all presenters and attendees- male and female (and all shades of self identification in between).  If the uniform requirement is ignored, sanctions will be enacted against the offender.  Trimmed toenails are optional.*

*Go ahead, report me Tom, I DON’T CARE (ya humorless glurp).

There is NOTHING Christian About This, and it is NOT Ok

@Dave_Harden — Contacts tell me that the White House has decided to cut $20 mil in East Jerusalem Hospital funding; severe stress on Augusta Victoria Hospital & St. John’s Eye Hospital. These are Christian hospitals, Israeli licensed, culturally Palestinian.

There is nothing Christian about any of this.

Quote of the Day

“Even if you don’t agree with me on economic policy even if you are a libertarian an evangelical you should still want to see a restoration of honesty and decency and lawfulness in our government.” – President Barack Obama

And they should.

Guess Who is On the Instagram

Yup- them-

On This Day, in the Year 70 CE, in Jerusalem

Julius Wellhausen writes

No attack [by the Romans] had as yet been directed against this quarter [i.e., the upper city]; but famine was working terrible ravages among the crowded population. Those in command, however, refused to capitulate unless freedom to withdraw along with their wives and children were granted. These terms being withheld, a storm, after the usual preparations on the part of the Romans, took place. The resistance was feeble; the strong towers were hardly defended at all; Simon bar Giora and John of Giscala now thought only of their personal safety. In the unprotected city the Roman soldiers spread fire and slaughter unchecked (September 7, 70).

And that was the end of Jerusalem.

The Nine Devils

9 devilsOne of the most popular books at the dawn of the Reformation was a humorous piece titled The Letter on the Wretched Condition of Curates.

[This volume] was known also by the title The Devils Plaguing Country Pastors. The book is divided into chapters labeled “First Devil” through “Ninth Devil,” and most of the extant copies, beginning with the first edition (though not the 1540 Wittenberg edition), include a woodcut illustration showing nine persons surrounding a pious priest. The nine figures depicted in the illustration and the text are:

  1. the patron [collator], with the right of appointment to the parish, who regards the church as his personal property;
  2. the sacristan [custos ecclesiae], who, resentful of his subordinate position, seeks every opportunity to make false accusations against the pastor;
  3. the cook [coca], in whom the priest “has as many provocations to temptation as he has hairs on his head”;
  4. the churchwarden [vitricius ecclesiae], who manages the parish property;
  5. the peasant [rusticus], who complains of the priest’s preaching and long Masses;
  6. the diocesan official [officialis], who imposes innumerable and unbearable regulations on the priests and then fines him for breaking them;
  7. the bishop [episcopus], who is a “rapacious wolf above all wolves,” demanding endless subsidies from the parish income;
  8. the chaplain [capellanus], who chafes at his junior status and refuses to assist with the liturgy unless he is recompensed for it;
  9. and the preacher [praedicator] (usually a friar from one of the preaching orders), who turns the people against their pastor with his sermons.

The editor of Luther’s Works in English observes

An English translation of the Letter by John M. Lenhart appeared in 1967 but is unfortunately not widely available:  John M. Lenhart, ed.,Epistola de miseria curatorum seu plebanorum, A humorous story on the devils plaguing country pastors: a best seller on the eve of the Reformation (Pittsburgh: privately printed, 1967).

If you want to take a look at the Latin edition, it’s available here.  The English rendition is impossible to find.

Of this book Luther said that it made him laugh harder than any other.  That’s commendation if ever commendation were given.

Zwingli Virtual

#ZwingliVR: Dein Termin mit Huldrych

Erlebe die Folgen der Reformation in Virtual Reality! Ausgerüstet mit einem Headset und einem Rucksack-Computer betrittst du die virtuelle Welt. Huldrych Zwingli ist dein Gastgeber: hilf ihm, die Kirche zu verändern.

#ZwingliVR tourt zwischen dem 23.9. und dem 7.10. durch Zürich:
– Grossmünster Zürich: 23. bis 25.9., jeweils von 10 bis 18 Uhr
– Marktplatz Oerlikon: 30.9. bis 2.10., jeweils von 10 bis 18 Uhr
– Bahnhof Altstetten: 4. bis 7.10., jeweils von 10 bis 18 Uhr

Das Erlebnis ist kostenlos und dauert ca. 10 Minuten.

Weitere Infos unter: zwingli-vr.ch

#VR #VirtualReality #mixedmedia #reformation #zwingli #zhreformation #immersion #immersive #Zurich #swissdesign #swissmedia #inlovewithswitzerland #history #swisshistory #grossmuenster

Das Projekt wird gefördert und ist im Rahmen von ZH-REFORMATION.CH Im Kontext der internationalen Reformationsfeierlichkeiten haben Kanton und Stadt Zürich, die Evangelisch-reformierte Landeskirche, der Reformierte Stadtverband Zürich und Zürich Tourismus den Verein «500 Jahre Zürcher Reformation» ins Leben gerufen. Im Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit steht die Aktualität der Reformation – ihre spürbaren Nachwirkungen und gesellschaftlichen Prägungen im heutigen Zürich. Barbara Weber und Martin Heller wurden mit der inhaltlich-kuratorischen Gesamtleitung beauftragt; kritisch und neugierig entwickeln sie ein facettenreiches Langzeit-Festival für Stadt und Kanton – von Mitte 2017 bis Anfang 2019.
Weitere Informationen unter zh-reformation.ch