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Departure and Arrival

The Chariot Awaits

A Book That May Be Worth Reading

From Wipf and Stock it seems.

Travel Day

Aside from a few pre-planned posts the bulk today will concern travel to the Calvin Congress in Philadelphia.  I’ll go to the airport in a while, I’ll be there early, because I am always early, and hang out for my flight.  Then I’ll take my life into my hands and take an Uber from the Philadelphia airport to the hotel.  If I survive, I should be at the hotel around 7 this evening.  I hope.  We shall see.

The conference starts tomorrow and I’m very excited about it.  The Calvin Congress meets just once every four years.  The last meeting was in Zurich in 2014.  It was a brilliant event and I’m expecting this year’s to be equally great, even if the venue isn’t as beloved as Zurich.

Anyway, I’ll be back in Zurich in February (DV) for the Zwingli Conference.  So that will be fun.

Anyway, photos and travel notes to come.  More anon.

When You’re Motivated, You Can Write Brilliantly, Swiftly

zwingliIN 1523 Zwingli published a Latin tract entitled, De Canone Missæ Huldrychi Zuinglii Epichiresis, “An Essay on the Canon of the Mass.” He speaks of it as “my confutation of the Canon of the Mass.” He wrote it in four days (August 25–29), though not without careful study and serious thought on the subject “for several years” before he began to write.

Emser was sufficiently provoked by it to publish an answer with the title: Canonis Missæ contra Huldricum Zuinglium Defensio (1524), “Defense of the Canon of the Mass against Huldreich Zwingli.” The author, contrary to custom, did not send a copy of this tract to Zwingli, who accordingly chides him for attacking him treacherously “from the rear” and without giving him “any warning.” “You did not, as a Christian especially ought, give any warning; you sent no herald with a demand for satisfaction; and you attacked suddenly, not in front but from the rear, one who suspected no such thing.”*

When your theological juices are boiling, you can be productive.  Lack of productivity is really simply a sign of disinterest.

*The Latin works of Huldreich Zwingli, (Vol. 3, p. 344).

Quote of the Day

They kill the widow and sojourner, and murder the fatherless; and they say, “The LORD does not see; the God of Jacob does not perceive.” Ps 94:6-7

But they’re oh so very wrong.