From Athens to Washington via London: The story of a stolen and found medieval codex of the four Gospels

Great stuff!

Roberta Mazza

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 09.35.49 GA 2120 in the exhibit case. Screenshot from the MOTB Facebook video:

For once, I am writing in praise of my friends of the Washington Museum of the Bible. They seem to have (finally!) understood what provenance means and implies, and are going to give back a medieval codex to its legitimate owner, the University of Athens.

A video posted on Facebook explains how a Byzantine vellum manuscript containing the four canonical Gospels was stolen from Athens, ended in the United States via London in 2010, and will be repatriated this coming October. I am not surprised this has happened considering the way Mr Green acquired on the market in those years, with the help (so to speak) of Scott Carroll, but the story is fascinating and I am very happy the Museum seems to have taken the right path in cleaning-up their warehouses. Critics might comment that this is…

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