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What Happens if You Douse a Racist With Holy Water?


The Perfect Gift for the Angry Prophet in Your Life

Or just for the preacher the kids make fun of.   Either way, it’s a winner!

The Ubiquitous Language of Violence in the Hebrew Bible

By David Clines.  As is always the case with David’s work, this is worth your time.

Persecution Isn’t The Problem, Apathy Is

The modern church’s problem isn’t persecution, it’s apathy.  Turkish churches, like American and European, are shrinking simply because Christians are apathetic.  They don’t attend worship, they don’t witness, they don’t minister, they don’t pray, and they don’t read their Bibles.  The consequence of apathy is self-evident: closing churches and a world getting worse by the day.

The cure for apathy is commitment.  And commitment can only come from within.  People have to decide to be committed to the lived expression of their faith.  No amount of badgering or sermonizing can achieve that.  It’s a choice.

If churches die (the Church never will), then it is because apathy killed them, not persecution.


She spoke only Latin for a week.  And she’s written a Latin primer.  How fun is that?

Jimmy Taylor Shouldn’t Be a Missionary, or a Minister

I sure hope he’s not a Baptist.

Signs of the Times

#CalvinCongress18: Weather Forecast

If you’re attending #CalvinCongress18 (that’s the official hashtag if you’d like to follow the doings if you aren’t attending) here’s the weather that’s expected: