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Satan is The Dark Money Behind the White Supremacists

In a statement that surprised nearly no one, Satan, the accuser and enemy of God and His people, paused briefly from roaming the earth seeking someone to devour Wednesday to confirm to reporters that he is responsible for the entire white supremacist movement worldwide.

“Oh yeah, that’s all me. For sure,” said the wicked one Lucifer, adding that he’s “really been on a roll lately with this particular gig.”

“I’m quite proud of this hell-filling racket. It’s as anti-biblical as anything can be, causing human beings made in the image of God to be seen as subhuman and expendable, but do you see how tons of them even invoke the name of God as justification for hating everyone who isn’t white? Purely satanic. Some of my best work, honestly.”

The devil then ended his interview abruptly, explaining that he has “a lot of work to do today on this front.”

The fate of supporters of child molesters


The proper response to systemic sin covered up by decades of corruption is not damage control and well-crafted statements. The proper response is sackcloth and ashes. – Michael Svigel

They Knew Coal was Damaging the Climate a Century Ago

So go ahead, call these folk Pelosi liberals. I dare you.

Pardon Me, But Why Am I Just Finding Out about This Today?

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More Professorial Plagiarizing Misconduct: The Case of Timothy Clinton

No relation to Bill, I’m sure. Anyway, while Tim denies he’s a thief of intellectual property, a plagiarist, and just downright intellectually lazy (like all plagiarists), Warren Throckmorton has the facts.

Students, don’t be like Tim. Be honest. Be hard working. Be decent.  Don’t be depraved.

Attention: SBL and AAR Folk Going to Denver

Here’s the best way to get from the Airport to Downtown Denver: