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We all have just one second to live.

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When Your ‘Church’ is a Corporation, You Focus on Baptisms, Not on Disciples

Of the 50,000 people Saddleback claims to have baptized, how many of them are disciples of the Crucified and Risen Lord?  Jesus doesn’t tell us to make baptizands, he tells us to make disciples.  The true ‘measure of success’ in … Continue reading

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Calling it A Church Doesn’t Make it a Church- And This Isn’t a Church

No sermons at this church: Congregants wander silent and barefoot through nature at Church of the Wild Nope. Not a Church. Sorry not sorry. It bears none of the marks of the Church and simply falls short theologically of what … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times: No, ‘Opinion’ Isn’t The Same Thing as A ‘Fact’

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Signs of the Times: Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnel and the Rest of the GOP

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Apparently There Aren’t As Many White Nationalists As We’ve Been Led to Believe…

Or they’re too lazy to get out and march.  And given the fact that photos I’ve seen of most of them are of folks too large to walk and too old and inbred to read, I wouldn’t be surprised if … Continue reading

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People are the Worst

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No One Who Approves of Abortion Can Disapprove of What this Depraved Woman Did

Because abortion is the same thing. Authorities say a woman who gave birth in a car and put the newborn inside a trash bag faces 20 years to life in prison if convicted of murder by child abuse.  News outlets … Continue reading

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An Interview with Judith Lieu

Read it here.  With thanks to Mike Bird for the heads up on ye ole twitter.  Here’s my favorite snippet- We can never dispense with study of the New Testament in Greek and against a Hebrew background. Fortunately, there are good … Continue reading

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Today With Calvin: The Arrest of Servetus

Miguel Servetus arrived in Geneva in mid 1553 with what Calvin saw as a death wish.  Indeed, Calvin remarked to a friend upon hearing of the heretic’s arrival: “I know not what to say of him, except that he was … Continue reading

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Zwingli in Tönen und Worten erleben

Mit «Im Schatten der sieben Fürsten» kommt Ende Oktober ein Projekt zur Aufführung, das sich auf künstlerische Weise dem Reformator Ulrich Zwingli nähert. Zwei Chöre aus der Region spannen hierfür zusammen. Etc.  Oh to be there….   Ok people, I clearly … Continue reading

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Racists are Made, Not Born

It’s worth reminding ourselves that ‘People are not born hating, people are taught to hate. All that it takes is a very skilled demagogue to turn neighbors into enemies’. – Kati Marton

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