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Just Let it Sink In…

In Memory of the Venerable Ada Yardeni

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By Our Friends at Carta Jerusalem

An accomplished graphic artist, Ada Yardeni (1937–2018) joined CARTA in 1969. Half a century later Ada had gradually become a widely recognized and much respected authority on Semitic languages and paleography. Her expertise in that rarefied field was amplified exponentially by her unique artistic and graphic talents; yet, to the very end, Ada came to her Carta desk one day a week, every week. That one day was a focal point for scholars seeking her sage advice. Among her very last visitors were Weston Fields, Executive Director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation, and Cary Summers, President of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.

A jewel with many facets and a scholar of Hebrew paleography and epigraphy in her own right, Ada was also a superb graphic artist who specialized in ancient Hebrew script. Her unique talents and knowledge in this field…

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Having a Sense of Shame is Wise

Preserve a sense of shame in the following matters, for not every kind of shame is right to harbour, nor is every situation correctly appraised by all. Be ashamed, before father and mother, of depraved behaviour, and before prince or potentate of telling lies; of wrong-doing before judge or magistrate, and of impiety before the assembly of the people; of sharp practice before your companion and your friend, and of theft before the neighbourhood you live in. Before the truth and covenant of God, be ashamed of leaning elbows on the table, of being ungracious when giving or receiving, of ignoring those who greet you, of gazing at a loose woman, of repulsing your fellow-countryman, of misappropriating another’s portion or gift, of paying court to another man’s wife, of making advances to his servant-girl — do not go near her bed- of saying disagreeable things to friends — do not follow up a gift with a taunt- of repeating everything you hear and of betraying confidences. Then you will know what true shame is, and you will find yourself in everyone’s graces. (Sir. 41:16-27)

This Clown, Again

Wrong. Christ isn’t Deborah and Barak isn’t the Church.  Christ is Christ, Barak is Barak, the Church is the Church, and Deborah is Deborah.  They aren’t lego blocks you can interchange at will, heretic.

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Pastors Say the Darndest Things

I’ve buried a lot of good church members. In fact, I’ve buried a few that I loved so much I wish I could go dig them up and replace them with some I have now.” — Anon

I concur.

Check Out Christian History’s New Blog Layout

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Words of Wisdom

Do not waste many words on the stupid, do not go near a dolt. Beware of him, or you will have trouble and be soiled by contact with him; keep away from him, and you will have peace of mind and not be exasperated by his folly.  What is heavier than lead, and what is its name if not ‘fool’?  Sand and salt and a lump of iron are a lighter burden than a dolt.  (Sir. 22:13-15)


2016 Was Predicted in the Bible

Don’t believe me?

A grain of stupidity outweighs wisdom and glory. (Eccl. 10:1)


Quote of the Day (Alright, It’s Another One, Calm Down)

ADULTERY it is a Crying Sin,
That Rich and Poor too many wallow in;
And though they know God doth this Crime forbid,
Yet do’t they will, and strive to keep it hid:
But His All-seeing Eye can plain discover,
The sweet Imbraces of the Wanton Lover,
Who when the doors are fast as fast can be,
He thinks himself secure in secresie:
But ’tis in vain for Man to think to hide
His fault from him who doth in Heaven abide,
Who sees and knows the secrets of the heart,
Better than he who acts the Sinners part;
And blushing at the thoughts of what he did,
Endeavours what he can to keep it hid:
But all in vain, for the All-seeing eye,
Can all your Chamber-Sins plainly descry,
And bring to Punishment for his offence,
Those that offend his great Omnipotence.
How many hundreds for this very Sin,
Of God’s just Wrath have sad Examples been!
What strange Prodigious deaths this Sin hath wrought!
And unto misery Great Persons brought!
Yet this beloved Sin too much is us’d,
Man’s Soul is wrong’d, and God himself abus’d;
While the poor Sinner little thinks upon
The pains that follow, if they will run on
Till Judgements overtake, and then too late
Perhaps they may repent their wretched State;
And when they’r overwhelm’d with fear and pain,
Of time mispent, perhaps they may complain:
Their Consciences in their faces then will flye,
Horrour surprize them when they come to dye;
Their Charming Kisses turn to deadly frights,
And change to fearful pains, their chief Delights:
Oh then! what would they give for to be free?
And pardon gain for their Adultery.
Well then ’tis so, that all are born to dye,
Endeavour by all means from Sin to flye:
Abandon Wantonness immediately;
Repent you of your Sins while you have space,
Else are your Souls in a most dreadful case;
Repent, I say, lest Sin do you surprize,
And e’re you are prepar’d, doth close your eyes.

Quote of the Day

Thou that these Lines do either read or hear,
Let Judgements fill thy heart with dread & fear; […]
And it doth grieve his Spirit for to see
Man so delighting in Iniquity:
Vain Man, why wilt thou that great God offend,
Who only can make happy in the end,
And let thee live, where Saints and Angels dwell,
Or cast thee down into the Lake of Hell;
In scorching Flames for ever for to fry,
Where thou in vain shalt often wish to dye?
But Wishes are in vain, for there shall be
No end of this thy endless Misery.
(R.B., A Caveat for Sinners, 1683)

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Philip R. Davies

Philip R. Davies (1945-2018)

At the invitation of Birgit Maenz-Davies in the afternoon of Saturday 29th September 2018 there will be a special commemorative gathering in the function room of the Visitor Centre at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (ysp.org.uk) to honour the memory of Philip Davies (1945-2018). There will be some tributes and time to reminisce and reflect over refreshments; arrive early and enjoy the Sculpture Park, one of Philip and Birgit’s favourite places and where a tree is being sponsored in Philip’s memory. All SOTS members are warmly invited to the event, and any SOTS member who wishes to attend is asked to email George Brooke george.brooke@manchester.ac.uk  so that numbers for catering can be provided to YSP in good time. Please email George as soon as possible and in any case no later than Friday 7th September.