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In Which The Onion Exhibits Better Sense Than Fox News

Acknowledging the widespread repercussions from the act of corporate censorship, first amendment experts warned Monday that Facebook’s decision to ban InfoWars could set a completely reasonable precedent for free speech. “If we allow giant media platforms to single out individual … Continue reading

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Someone Else Who Needs a Bible

Nope.  Firstly, the truth doesn’t need permission to manifest itself, it does naturally and profoundly when Scripture is explained and Christ is proclaimed.  And secondly, the church isn’t a place where chaos reigns but where order and decency prevail.  Chaos … Continue reading

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Amen. Everyone Needs to Follow These Rules

@m_werntz tweets- If you’re contributing to an edited project: 1) Give the editors a clean and edited copy. 2) Learn the style guide and follow it. 3) Don’t expect the editors to clean up your muddled thinking. 4) Edit a … Continue reading

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Book Tips

Right here.

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Today’s GOP- Ex-South Carolina GOP leader sacrifices family dog after claiming to receive command from God

A former leader of the South Carolina Republican Party faces animal cruelty charges after he allegedly killed his mother’s dog, claiming he is “the second coming of Christ” and God needed the “sacrifice.” Police officers found Todd Kincannon in his … Continue reading

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Who Is it that is Truly Happy?

There are nine things I can think of which strike me as happy, and a tenth which is now on my tongue: the man who can be proud of his children, he who lives to see the downfall of his … Continue reading

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The 1510 Aberdeen Breviary is Online to View, Free

The Aberdeen Breviary, Scotland’s first printed book (1510) is free to view online, here. The Aberdeen Breviary is a highly significant book for a number of reasons. Initiated by King James IV and compiled by Bishop William Elphinstone, it is … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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A Little Interview You Should Watch

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That Provocative Sausage

Zwingli hatte es mit ihr. Ernst Jandl auch. Für den österreichischen Dichter war es das schönste deutsche Wort – Wurst. Auch Zwingli ging es nicht ums Essen. Vornehm hatte er 1522 beim «Zürcher Wurstessen» auf sein Rädchen der scharfen Rauchwurst … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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